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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My two babies!

Harper's first Gingerbread house! Made with daddy!

Christmas Card Picture!

Harper putting up her first ornament!

Staring at the puppies!

Brady - he does everyday!

Santa Comes to Town!

Harper wanted NOTHING to do with Santa and Brady could have cared less!

Brady turns 7 month old!

What you are doing at 7 months old:
1. You wear a size 3 diaper, weigh 19 lbs and are wearing size 12 months clothes
2. You recently had an ear infection, we went to the dr. got some medicine and then had to go back about 5 days later to find out that you had a DOUBLE ear infection
3. You have your two bottom teeth (and about two more coming through on the top - but nothing showing)
4. You are crawling EVERYWHERE
5. You stand up on EVERYTHING
6. You had a bloody nose and multiple bruises on your face - all b/c you started crawling and standing up in the same day
7. We lowered your crib the day after you turned 6 months old
8. You love  splashing around in the tub and especially love it when Harper splashes water at you - you just giggle and giggle
9. You said Dada......
10. You started waving at me when I say Hi (and wave back)
11. You are sleeping through the night - 7:30pm - 7am
12. You LOVE yogurt - which is your breakfast every morning
13. You have recently started to gag on your everyday food that I make so we started to give you scraps of food - you LOVE it
14. You sit in your highchair and try to grab all the food I put on your tray - puffs, yogurt melts and different types of food we have for dinner
15.  We put different foods in a mesh thingy and you get SO MAD when we take it away from you (of course to re-fill)
16. First boner
17. You love standing at any window in our house and staring outside and banging on the window!
18. Your ticklish spot is between your inner thighs

You make us smile everyday with each new thing you accomplish! I can't believe you are 7 months old...time has completely gotten away from us! I'm assuming if you are anything like your sister (which so far you are a little ahead) you will be walking in the next two months or so! Are we ready for that.....we have everything kid proof AGAIN - but you especially love the fireplace!
We love you Brady Paul!

Harper is 25 months old (2 years and 1 month)!

What you are doing at 25 months:
1. You love "helping" in the kitchen.
2. You "help" me unload the dishwasher and know exactly where everything goes (for the most part)
3. You love taking baths and always ask to shower right after you eat breakfast
4. You have recently started telling us you are tired and need to go night night - you walk yourself up to your room and tuck yourself in - such a sweet little girl
5. I braided your hair for the first time ( in a ponytail of course)
6. You visited Santa. Loved him from a far; waved and constantly said hi, but up close you wanted nothing to do with him
7. You have begun to dress yourself - you can put your shoes on and jacket
8. You love school and your teachers say you listen very well
9. You have started to like ketchup and honey roasted bbq sauce from Chic fil a  - you actually eat your chicken nuggets now
10. You love making your brother laugh - and are constantly trying to tickle him
11. You talk about "tanta" everytime you see anything that has to do with Christmas
12. You peed and pooped on the potty twice this month even though we really haven't started potty training you.
13. You have woken up twice from a nap and said poo-poo mommy - so I run up to find that you have already gone poo poo SOMEDAY it will kick in
14. You are really good at playing by yourself - you walk up and down the stairs atleast 100x's per day and tuck in your baby to go to bed
15. You had SO MUCH fun at your birthday party and you especially loved your jump house
16. Everything is MINE and NO
17. Time out is a frequent place to find you during the day
18. You are OBSESSED with Beast (beauty and the beast), Memo (Finding Nemo), Lion (Lion King), HI-HO (Snow White) and Mama Mia (you sing and dance to all the songs)
19. You go to bed around 8pm and we read you 3 stories, we tuck you into bed and you normally wake up around 6:30am to which we get you a glass of orange juice and you jump in bed with us and sleep until around 7am when you begin to ask MICKEY - (mickey mouse).
20. Every morning you normally ask for Oatmeal to eat
21. In the last few days we have both noticed that you seem to have grown up into a little girl over the last few days  and your daddy and I agree - YOU NEED TO STOP
22. You love taking baths with your baby brother - whom you refer to as Baby - but we think you are trying to say Brady (it sounds very similar)
23. You say Baby Jesus (which in your words means Merry Christmas)!
24. You tell us I love you before you go to bed
25. Your manners are amazing, you always say please and thank you!

You melt our hearts everyday! Even the days you are feisty!!!  I love watching you grow up into a little girl and figuring everything out on your own - you get frustrated at times, but for the most part you figure it out!  You play very well with your brother and we are currently working on SHARING!!!  We can't wait to see how you and Brady begin to bond in the next few months! We love you Harper!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harper is 2 years old!

24 things at 24 months:
1. You wear size 24 mos or 2T (most of the 2T pants are too big)
2. You wear size 4 diapers
3. You weigh 23.5 lbs and are 34" tall
4. Your hair is finally growing and I can finally pull it up in piggy tails and a ponytail
5. You use alot more words to talk instead of "ADABI" - which we still have no clue what you are actually saying, but we think it means.....that
6. You are becoming a better eater, but you LOVE Daddy's lasagna
7. You have finally become comfortable at school and you are constantly signing songs, which I have no clue what you are saying
8. You love marching in place and then freezing! It's the cutest thing when you freeze, b/c you put your hands up in the air like you are catching a ball
9. You still go to bed around 8pm and are finally sleeping through the night AGAIN!!! You wake up between 6-7 (depending on the day). As soon as we bring you down the stairs you ask to watch TV
10. After you lay in our bed and watch Chuggington or Mickey's clubhouse for a few minutes, without fail you ask for Orange juice, mamma!
11. After a few minutes of TV, I ask you what you want for breakfast and you either say cereal, oatmeal or waffles - with a cute little accent
12. I always give you what you want for breakfast and you normally eat ALL OF IT!
13. We are still working on potty training, but not too hard. You did recently use your potty to go #1, I cheered SO LOUD!
14. You are obsessed with Tinkerbell - and all Disney Princesses (but they are all named Lilla according to you)
15. You hate wearing shoes and socks, and would be prefer to be barefoot all day long. As soon as we get you buckled in the car, you immediately take off your shoes and socks. This annoys me when it's raining outside :)
16. You dressed up as Nemo for Halloween, and you actually LOVED your costume. I was shocked considering the first time I put it on you, you screamed like I was beating you!
17. You could drink Apple Juice all day long if I let you
18. You love going to the park and riding in your Stroller - if I walk away from the park, you scream that way and point towards the park
19. You love your brother and are constantly trying to wake him up if he is sleeping
20. You are a pro at going up and down the stairs
21. You love coloring, playing with stickers and have recently enjoyed playing "dress up"
22. You pooped in the shower the other day and your dad almost stepped in it
23. You can count to three and know the colors blue and purple
24. You finally tell us I Love You before you go to bed!

We love you Harper!!

Brady is 6months old!

I guess time flies when you are having fun! You are into so many new things this month.
1. You weigh 17 lbs 4 oz.
2. You are 26 1/4" long
3. You wear size 3 diapers, size 9-12 month shirts and size 6-9 month pants
4. You are army crawling everywhere and rolling everywhere, and up rocking on all 4's
5. You can sit up on your own and love playing with your elmo toy
6. You love jumping in your jumperoo
7. You pull anything and everything that is in front of you, including hair, earrings and the dogs
8. You had croup this last month, it was awful
9. You are sleeping through the night like a champ
10. You are eating alot of solid food - apples, plums, green beans (not a fan of), squash, sweet potatoes and pears
11. You love yogurt too. You eat ALOT - 7 oz bottles plus 3 meals a day
12. You laugh when we tickle your thighs and your back
13. You make it very hard to change your diaper b/c you roll around so much
14. You love taking baths with your sister
15. You were baptized this month

You are my chunky little meatball and we love you so much! You bring a smile to my face everyday and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Harper Vs. Brady #2

Gentry Farms - Pumpkin Pickin'

We had a beautiful day at the Pumpkin Patch last week! Harper choose her own pumpkin this year and Brady was the best baby - just relaxing in the stroller! We saw a few chickens which (Harper) didn't really care for. We did get a birds and bees lesson - we saw a cow giving birth on the hayride!!

Harper and Daddy in search of the perfect Pumpkin

She heard an AIRPLANE

My perfect Pumpkin'

Destin 2011

Trying to get a family beach picture!

Harper and Daddy taking a walk in the ocean water

Brady getting his first feel of sand

Family Picture 2011

Kunath and Pratt Family Vacation 2011

Brady at 5 months

Brady, yesterday was your 5 month birthday! AHHHHH......where has my little baby boy gone? You are growing every second of everyday and I love being able to see it all!
Gentry's farm 2011
5 things at 5 months:
1. You roll front to back; back to front - ALL DAY LONG. I can't keep you in one place anymore!
2. You are finally sleeping through the night!
3. You love your jumperoo! And could jump all day long
4. You laugh and smile ALL DAY LONG! You are ticklish on your back and in between your thighs - your laugh is contagious
5. You get up on your knees and elbows and scoot back and forth - it looks like you are going to crawl soon - AHHH

You have become such a happy baby this last month! We started feeding you food at 4 1/2 months - you love sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, green beans, but I think pears might be your favorite right now!
You eat like a champ - 30 oz a day plus 2 big meals (breakfast and lunch). You are currently wearing size 6 months pants and 6-9 month shirts! You are my little meatball! You also caught up to your sister by wearing size 3 diapers. You recently have become very constipated from adding formula to some of your bottles - it took you 4 days to get out a very large poop yesterday! But you looked pretty relieved when you got it out! We now put 1 TBSP of prune juice in your morning bottle - which seems to help with your issues!!!
I love every minute I get to spend with you. and I especially love the fact that you recognize your daddy and I now!

Harper is 23 months old

Swimming in Destin! You loved your floaties!

HOLY cow, we can't believe you are just one month away from being 2! Oh and how this past month has completely thrown us for a loop!!!
All the things you are doing at 23 months:
1. You are slowly starting to wear 24/2T clothes.  The 18 mos jeans are high waters, but the 24 mos show you have no butt!
2. You are still wearing a size 3 diaper and your little brother has finally caught up to you!
3. You love playing outside with anything that has to do with water (including the doggy bowl....still)
4. You run so fast, sometimes I can't catch you!
5. You have started to show us a little resistance....time out has become more frequent lately
6. You are talking a ton more - lately you have been saying I want you momma (which means hold me) and 'mere' momma (come here).
7. You are still saying "up" when you mean "down"
8. You love climbing on anything and everything, including the jumperoo even while Brady is jumping in it
9. You LOVE school now, even though when we ask you if you like school you say NO!
10. We are working on potty training, but we aren't getting very far (you have yet to go #1 or #2 in the actual potty - it's mostly RIGHT BESIDE it
11. You take one nap now normally from 1:30-3:30 or 4
12. You have given us a run for our money at nighttime. We have a normal routine that has not changed one bit. Bath, PJ's, Milk, Brush Teeth, Read books and then "night night time". The past week or so you have been screaming at the top of your lungs, coughing, crying, gagging yourself until we come and get you. I would like to think it's a stage......but man it's rough hearing you cry so much. Daddy slept with you last night and then came downstairs around 1:30. We'll see how tomorrow night goes.
13. You love climbing on the monkey bars at the park, and you are terrified of nothing
14. Every morning when you wake up you ask for "orange juice momma/dadda" PLEASE! I want orange juice! and then you say TV - b/c we let you watch Mickey Mouse in bed with us in the mornings!
15. You ask for your blankie as soon as you get out of the tub at night!
16. You are a very good helper in the kitchen. You pull out your stool and follow me around everywhere in the kitchen and then you politely say "elp" momma!
17. You love pushing around your baby stroller with nothing in it. You could run laps all day around the island in the kitchen if you wanted to!
18. You are really into putting puzzles together now - and you can actually put ALL the shapes into the right spots! YEA!!
19. Mine and No are your favorite words currently. You don't like it when Brady has something in his hands and you want it. We are working on sharing!
20. You love swinging on your swing outside....yesterday you discovered that you can somehow get out of the swing and stand in it. UGH......
21. You love it when your daddy is rough with you - throwing you in the bed - you hysterically laugh and ask for more
22. Your current favorite movie is Toy Story but you call it BUZZ!! You ask to watch it atleast 20 times a day.
23. We took you to Disney on Ice a week ago and you absolutely LOVED it. You shouted MICKEY and DONALD when you saw them! The performance was 2 hours long and you did REALLY well!!
24. You have finally learned some manners, you say please and thanks! It melts my heart!

You are an absolute joy! You and your brother have really started to make a lot of eye contact and communicate more this past month....we feel so blessed!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harper is 22 months

Swimming at the pool in Destin! You loved the purple goggles and swimmies!
Being the "sweet" sister!

Another month has come and gone and our little girl is turning into a little lady! So many things have happened during this month I can't believe you are almost two years old!
What Harper is currently doing:
1. You wear a size 3 diaper and 18 month clothes but sometimes can fit into 2t
2. Your favorite thing to do is mommy shower! You love showers currently but scream when we wash your hair!
2.5 You can open ANYTHING now including lotion, Vaseline and nail polish. Not a good thing either!!!! We have found all 3 of the said items on your baby dolls and other crazy places around our house! Lucky or us the nail polish was only on your clothes!!
3. You are talking a ton more. For example your new favorite saying is,"Momma I want orange juice!" you tell us this at least 5x's a day! You love your orange juice and have recently discovered you love pulp too!
4. You said your first bad word.....I mean it sounds like a bad word. You try to say Big Fish but it sounds more like bi ish. (see if you can figure that one out)
5. You really have no interest in using the potty yet. You mainly use it to shove your baby doll in and close the lid! Hopefully this isn't a sign of what you will do to Brady!
6. Just recently you have been going poopy in your diaper and then immediately taking it off and saying mommy or daddy poppy!! We may be buying pull ups sooner than later
7. You love Brady so much that you are constantly asking where he is and won't ever let him sleep.
8. You have found a new love for your old baby toys especially when Brady tries to play with them!
9. You mimic everything mommy does with your baby doll- you ask for diapers for your baby, give it baths and try to rub lotion on him.
10. You love playing with mommy's makeup and really seem to know where everything goes on your face.
11. You started a program called PDO parents day out. It's from 9-1pm Monday's and wednesdays. First day was very rough you cried all day, 2nd day you did better and lasted til 12:30, 3rd day you lasted the whole day!!!
12. You still won't do art at school but we don't want to push you since we know you are still adjusting.
13. You had school on Wednesday's and you picked up your backpack and carried it into school like you were a big girl!
14. You have started to hit mommy and daddy. Need I say more
15. B/c of #14 you have been sitting in time out ALOT lately
16. Your new favorite word is MINE
17. You tell mommy and daddy NO a lot
18. You are still a picky eater but love edamame beans with soy sauce
19. You love your big girl bed and have a lot of stuffed animals that sleep with you!
20. Your hair is long enough that we can put it up in piggy tails or a pony tail
21. You have recently started calling your blanket blanky
22. Your favorite movies are toy story which you refer to as buzz and nemo which you call meemo!

Harper you bring so much joy to our life we can't thank you enough!!!!

Brady is 4 months old

Sitting up like a big boy - you lasted atleast 30 seconds like this!

Geesh. It's already been 4 months is the only thing I can think to say. They say time flies when you are having fun and it sure is buzzing by! My little monkey is getting so big so fast!!!
What Brady is currently doing at 4 months
1. You wear a size 2 diaper but could probably wear a 3 if we wanted you too
2. You wear 3-6 month clothes. Mostly 6 months though
3. You wear 6 month pajamas
4. You weigh 15# and are getting some thick thighs!! I love all of your rolls!
5. You take your paci (ba ba) as harper calls it, but prefer your thumb if you can get it into your mouth
6. You are taking 5 oz bottles every 3-4 hrs consistently
7. You only cry if you are hungry or tired. You are a great baby!
8. You love your crib and sleep b/w 8-10 hrs a night!
9. You tried rice cereal the other day and weren't sure if you liked it or not. We will keep practicing though
9.5 You sat up for 3 seconds today!! Then you tipped over and bummed your head on a swing!
10. You are batting at your toys that hang above you on your playmat!!
11. You found your feet!
12. You roll from back to stomach constantly. I can't keep you on your back. You haven't quite mastered the stomach to back yet so you get very frustrated.
13. You smile all the time and belly laugh at Harper a lot
14. You love it when anyone talks to you. And normally give a big smile when youngetbtheir attention
15. We put you in the jumperoo e other day and you loved it!

Brady you put smiles on our face everyday! We could't have asked for a better little monkey!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harper VS. Brady

Both of these pictures were taken at the same age of both kids....1 day shy of 4 months old!
Can you see the similarities????



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend in Atlanta

First family photo since Brady was born!  Harper is 21 1/2 months old and Brady is 16 weeks old!

We had a great time in Atlanta this weekend.....saw family and some of Danny's Highschool friends!!!  Harper went swimming the entire weekend and Loved it! Brady even took a dip in the pool and didn't mind it too much himself!  By the end of the weekend Harper was jumping off of a diving rock (with help) and putting her face in the water unassisted! I'm hoping she'll be ready for the beach next weekend!!!
From my last post, you know Harper started school last Wednesday. It didn't go so well, but definitely could have been worse on both Harper and us.  Thursday morning Harper woke up and had red blotches all over her stomach.  I waited for about an hour, not really knowing what they were but thought it might be hives.  About an hour later, the red blotches were spreading to her arms and legs. I decided to take her into the Dr. to figure out what the red blotches might be.  Sure enough it was hives. The Dr. said he wasn't sure what caused it, but it could be a virus (from her brother), allergic reaction or stress. The only thing he prescribed was benadryll for the itch and an oatmeal bath to soothe her.  The hives were worse the 2nd day. I think they bothered me more than they did her. I took some pictures to show how awful they looked!!
Day 1 of hives (all over stomach and arms)

Day 2 of hives: all over face, legs and hands

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harper's First Day of School

So the day started out great! You slept from 8-6:30am and then hopped in bed and watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for about 30 minutes with mommy and daddy!  You helped me make pancakes for your breakfast and you scarfed them all down! You even asked for extra maple syrup on yours!  We dressed you for school and you took your first picture by yourself in front of the door - a tradition we have just started! You were excited when we asked you if you were ready to go to school today! Your mood slightly changed once we pulled in the parking lot. Your daddy held your hand and walked you into school, you were a little unsure once you saw all the kids. But once we walked into your classroom you knew exactly what was going on......and the tears started. Miss Amy and Miss Anna are your teachers and they picked you up immediately had you give us a kiss and say bye bye.....tears were still coming.  I received a text message from Miss Amy around 10am saying you were outside playing and doing great! I felt relieved. I was SO excited to pick you up from school at 11am, thinking you would run to me with open arms. BUT that wasn't the case.....apparently once you came back from outside you were looking for us and realized we weren't there, so you began to cry for the next 45 minutes. Your teacher was holding and said it was a rough day. So we decided next week you would come from 9-11am until you were transitioning better! The end of the day was more rough on me than dropping you off! I hope you enjoy school Harper!

Friday, August 19, 2011

First good kid picture!!


Brady is 3 months old

Smiling.... what you do all day long!!!

Mommy sandwich

I cannot believe you are already 3 months old - where has time gone? It just seems like yesterday that we were at the hospital delivering you and staring into your bright blue eyes! So much has happened in the last month since I last wrote. You are officially rolling over (all the time) from back to stomach and occasionally stomach to back. You smile ALL the time and have recently started belly laughing! Of course it's always when I'm making a silly noise and Harper is laughing - so I'm thinking you are more or less laughing at your sister! You have really begun to notice everything around you; including the dogs. Katy LOVES to lick your feet and Derby is still a little unsure about you - sniffing you whenever you are on the ground! You love laying on your back and playing on your playmate - recently grabbing onto the rings above! You are a little unsure about the bumbo seat yet - just wait until we start feeding you rice cereal in it, then you will love it! You hate being put in your carseat, but calm down once we start driving. I have stopped nursing you (since 8 weeks) and you are getting breast milk from a bottle - 5 oz recently every 2 1/2 - 3 hrs - you are a BIG baby! Your daddy and I weighed you the other day and you weighed 14.5 lbs YIKES! You are wearing 6 month PJ's and 3-6 month clothes - I cannot believe how big you are! Next month you and I get to spend 2 days a week alone together. I am really looking forward to this time alone with you, but sad that your sister will be at school!  Don't worry - we can still have fun!  You are now sleeping in your crib - go down between 8-8:30 and waking up once during the night normally around 3-4:15am. You are a great sleeper, but still like to be swaddled!!
We love you Brady!!!  Can't wait to see what month 4 will bring to us!

Harper is 21 months old

Riding in Daddy's jeep - I love climbing in it all by myself

Harper at 21 months old:
1. You are wearing size 3 & 4 diapers, just depends on what is on hand
2. You are wearing size 18 month and 2T clothes - pants are definitely 18 mos but most shirts are 2T
3. You are really starting to talk daddy, my mommy, bye bye baby (or Brady), my turn, lion (is your new favorite word along with RRRRRR)
4. You are still loving on Brady all the time, and insist he doesn't sleep when you are around!
5. You have become a little copycat - constantly copying what your daddy and I are doing - including trying to change the diaper on your baby dolls and feeding them
6. You are still a challenge to feed at times, but you really love Pancakes and Waffles
7. You love taking showers and will never say no to a bath
8. You moved into your big girl bed at the beginning of the month and absolutely love it. We have to close your door and put a doggy gate up b/c once you are up you are up. You do a butt bomb off your bed and open your door and yell Momma! It's adorable and I love hearing that word - but only if you have napped longer than 1 hour!
9. You insist on not wearing shoes, and manage to take off all of your shoes while we are sitting in the car - even if it's a one minute car ride
10. We play with flashcards everyday and you are pretty good at pointing to the pictures when I say the name of something
11. You love riding your bike outside, pushing your baby stroller or jumping on your trampoline
12. You have really started to enjoy coloring with chalk on the pavement and coloring with crayons - we have had to put away the markers b/c you know how to open the lids now
13. Every morning when I am getting ready and putting my makeup on, you insist on putting makeup on your face as well! You say My Turn - and play with my brushes and makeup - clear of course!
14. You love going swimming and scream - POOL whenever you see the pool. You have no fear of the water, which makes me a little nervous - so swimming lessons cannot start soon enough
15. You have a tender heart especially when you are caring for your babydolls
16. You give great big hugs to your daddy and I each night and precious kisses to Brady
17. I love watching you grow into a little girl and can't believe you will be starting school in less than two weeks
18. You are still taking two naps a day, unfortunately that will soon end once school starts
19. Each of Brady's toys have sprung a new interest in your mind - you love sitting on the bumbo and swinging in Brady's swing!
20. You were stacking blocks the other day and stacked them nine high :) WOW I was impressed. You also love to put the correct shapes into the holes of your toys
21. You have developed a true sense of being a sister, everytime you think we are going somewhere you say bye - which in translation means: if we go bye bye mom we need to bring the baby!

Harper you are such a wonderful little girl with a lot of spunk! Your energy, smile and laugh truly light up my days! I can't wait to see what this next month/year bring for all of us!

Good luck at school Miss Harper - I will miss all of our days together but I know this is the best thing for you!
We love you!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brady at 2 months old

Living it up at Camp

First try at the bumbo

I said this last post, but I cannot believe you are 2 months old already! Where has time gone and where has my little baby gone? We went to the pediatrician for your 2 month appointment a little early as we we were taking a plane ride when you were 7 weeks old - you did well with the shots, but it broke mommy's heart when you screamed in pain. You had no reactions, but slept pretty much the whole day. You were 23" long and weighed 11 lbs 10 oz. You love to eat, which is now starting to show - you have cute little rolls on your arms and legs - I could eat them up...honestly! You took your first plane ride when you were 7 weeks old - you did pretty well considering I fed you the entire time! You enjoyed camp as well, but not so much in the water  (it was a little too cold for you)! 
I thought you were collicky while we were at camp, but realized that you were not getting enough to eat from me. So no more nursing for you, I solely pump and you eat from a bottle. You have had no issues with the bottle which I'm grateful for. Now that we figured out what was wrong, you are a happy camper!
We made our first trip to the pediatrician for a non-health visit as your big sister Harper put a bobby pin in your ear and we weren't sure if there was any damage. Thankfully we got a clean bill of health report!
You rolled over for the first time the other day - I thought it was an accident, but today you rolled over 4x's in a row!!
Brady you are growing so fast, it makes me sad. We thought Harper could be the only joy of our life, but you completely proved us wrong! We love you so much and can't wait for you to enjoy our new family of four!

Harper is 20 months old

Sliding down the BIG water slide at Great G-ma and G-pa's house in NY (you LOVED this) and kept saying, My Turn!

Getting ready to go fishing with Daddy!

Things you are doing at 20 months:
1. Putting two words together (your most frequently said: Hi Baby, Bye Bye Baby, Hi Puppy and Yes Please)
2. Saying Love you (only your dad and I would understand that
3. Finally saying Thanks
4. You love to "drive" daddy's car when you see him pull up to the driveway
5. You are a BIG daddy's girl right now
6. Since Brady has arrived, I think you have become a little jealous, especially when someone is feeding him
7. You love to kiss your brother - you call him Baby b/c you can't say Brady (yet)
8. You are still wearing size 4 diapers and between 18 - 24 month clothes
9. We successfully moved you into a big girl bed and you LOVE it. Daddy has put every stuffed animal that was in your crib in your big girl bed!
10. You currently love humus, cottage cheese, american cheese slices, apples which you dip in peanut butter/caramel sauce, any kind of fruit, smoothies, yogurt popsicles, chicken, green beans, asparagus, peas, ice cream and cookies (which are your two new favorite words), and always FISH!
11. We have told you multiple times when you are drinking juice, milk, or water but you insist on calling everything JUICE
12. You are a fish in the water and you have no fear!
13. We took you tubing at Buck Lake for the first time and you had the time of your life - you kept saying WEEEEE when we would go over waves
14. You listen when you want
15. The terrible 2's has started already.....what are we in for?
16. You received your first big wheels - and you love riding it, although your feet don't stretch all the way to the pedals
17. Your eyes are a very pretty hazel (green/grey/blue)
18. You are a tan little toe-head
19. You love being outside and helping mommy water the flowers
20. You can point to a family member in a picture and name them

Harper you are and have always been the light of our lives and it has only gotten to be more interesting and fun every month! We love with all of our hearts and are glad we were blessed with you as our child!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brady at 1 month old

I cannot believe it has already been an entire month that you have been in our lives!  This past month has completely flown by. You are an absolute joy in our lives!!  Over the last month, your sleeping has gotten much better. At first you were getting up every hour or hour and a half to eat and that just completely wore me out. Now during the day you are eating every 2-3 hours and at night waking up every 3-4 hours!!!  YEA!!!  You are staying awake for longer periods of time and have recently taken a liking to Harper! You stare at her while I'm changing your diaper. You can also follow daddy and I with your eyes! You love watching the fan when it's on. Just a few days ago you SMILED at me for the first time! You definitely weren't gassy, so I'm going to say it was your first real smile!!

Welcome to our family Brady Paul Kunath!  Buckle your seatbelt as we are going to take you on some fun rides!!!!

Just chillin on the floor

"Watching" hockey with daddy

Welcome Brady Paul Kunath

Brady Paul Kunath was born May 16, 2011 at 1:30pm.
Weighing 7'10 oz and Measuring 20 1/2" long
You are absolutely perfect and a dream come true
We love you!

Coming home from hospital
Family of 4 FINALLY

Harper is 19 months old

First art project. I think you were a little confused on where to put the paint!

19 Things at 19 Months:

1. You have recently become a BIG sister, and are loving helping mommy and daddy out with your new baby brother Brady
2. You have FINALLY said two words (besides apple juice a few months ago) - you say bye bye juice (but you only say this when we go to bed and you don't have your juice (or milk which is what you call juice).
3. You have become quite the dancer, and love to spin in circles while we sing ring around the posey - and you keep spinning and spinning and spinning and then do a butt bomb. You will continue to spin until we finally say that's enough - you are so dizzy at this time that you fall all over the place
4. You are officially a daddy's girl. Dadda is the first word out of your mouth when you wake up in the morning - you love your daddy and he sure loves you too
5. You have a very cute relationship with your dad that has truly grown over the last few months. Daddy asks you, "Who's pretty?" And you enthusiastically say, "ME!"  Every once in awhile you will say, "Mamma," when daddy asks you that question and it absolutely melts my heart!
6. You are still wearing size 4 diapers, clothes 18mos - 2T and size 5 shoes, weigh 20.8lbs and measure 31" long.
7. You recently went swimming in Alabama at a hotel pool and we realized you have no fear of the water. It's a good thing your dad was around you when you decided to jump into the pool! Swimming lessons are much needed at this time!
8. You are the sweetest mini momma with your baby dolls. You love to push your baby in the stroller, feed him, carry him in the car seat and also have recently started to burp him like mommy.
9. It doesn't matter what time of day it is you always grab your shoes and say, "bye bye!"
10. Up is still up and down to you!
11. When we get ready to leave, you say, "bye bye" and then point to Brady (as if we are going to leave him!)
12. If we are not careful you may be pulling your brother around by his feet when we aren't watching!  You are very strong and have decided multiple times to try and lift Brady by yourself
13. You are still taking classes at My Gym. You love your hour a week of gym time and have become quite the gymnast. You can hang on the monkey bars for about 10-15 seconds without falling off and no one holding onto you. You can also get up on a ground level balance beam all by yourself and take a few steps without help and without falling off.
14. You love swinging in your swing outside and pulling your wagon in the front cul-de-sac
15. For some reason this month you don't like vegetables - not sure why either. Chicken has become something you like this month though. Yea for liking chicken and boo for not eating your veggies.
16. You love mommy and daddy to read books to you and have recently discovered the correct direction a book should go when you are reading.
17. You can point out: duck, boat, apple, stroller, robot, bus, cup, dog, cat, cow, flower, teddy bear, fish and many other items in your "look at me book."
18. You mimic everything that daddy and I do - this is when we need to watch what we say!!
19. Recently while we were taking a car trip to Alabama, Brady was crying as we first left and I looked back to where you were sitting and you put your finger over your mouth and said, "SSHH," and then put your fingers in your ears! It was the cutest thing and daddy and I could not quit laughing! You are so smart!

Harper you make your daddy and I the happiest people on the planet!  We couldn't have asked for anything more! You put smiles on our faces everyday! We love you!