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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My two babies!

Harper's first Gingerbread house! Made with daddy!

Christmas Card Picture!

Harper putting up her first ornament!

Staring at the puppies!

Brady - he does everyday!

Santa Comes to Town!

Harper wanted NOTHING to do with Santa and Brady could have cared less!

Brady turns 7 month old!

What you are doing at 7 months old:
1. You wear a size 3 diaper, weigh 19 lbs and are wearing size 12 months clothes
2. You recently had an ear infection, we went to the dr. got some medicine and then had to go back about 5 days later to find out that you had a DOUBLE ear infection
3. You have your two bottom teeth (and about two more coming through on the top - but nothing showing)
4. You are crawling EVERYWHERE
5. You stand up on EVERYTHING
6. You had a bloody nose and multiple bruises on your face - all b/c you started crawling and standing up in the same day
7. We lowered your crib the day after you turned 6 months old
8. You love  splashing around in the tub and especially love it when Harper splashes water at you - you just giggle and giggle
9. You said Dada......
10. You started waving at me when I say Hi (and wave back)
11. You are sleeping through the night - 7:30pm - 7am
12. You LOVE yogurt - which is your breakfast every morning
13. You have recently started to gag on your everyday food that I make so we started to give you scraps of food - you LOVE it
14. You sit in your highchair and try to grab all the food I put on your tray - puffs, yogurt melts and different types of food we have for dinner
15.  We put different foods in a mesh thingy and you get SO MAD when we take it away from you (of course to re-fill)
16. First boner
17. You love standing at any window in our house and staring outside and banging on the window!
18. Your ticklish spot is between your inner thighs

You make us smile everyday with each new thing you accomplish! I can't believe you are 7 months old...time has completely gotten away from us! I'm assuming if you are anything like your sister (which so far you are a little ahead) you will be walking in the next two months or so! Are we ready for that.....we have everything kid proof AGAIN - but you especially love the fireplace!
We love you Brady Paul!

Harper is 25 months old (2 years and 1 month)!

What you are doing at 25 months:
1. You love "helping" in the kitchen.
2. You "help" me unload the dishwasher and know exactly where everything goes (for the most part)
3. You love taking baths and always ask to shower right after you eat breakfast
4. You have recently started telling us you are tired and need to go night night - you walk yourself up to your room and tuck yourself in - such a sweet little girl
5. I braided your hair for the first time ( in a ponytail of course)
6. You visited Santa. Loved him from a far; waved and constantly said hi, but up close you wanted nothing to do with him
7. You have begun to dress yourself - you can put your shoes on and jacket
8. You love school and your teachers say you listen very well
9. You have started to like ketchup and honey roasted bbq sauce from Chic fil a  - you actually eat your chicken nuggets now
10. You love making your brother laugh - and are constantly trying to tickle him
11. You talk about "tanta" everytime you see anything that has to do with Christmas
12. You peed and pooped on the potty twice this month even though we really haven't started potty training you.
13. You have woken up twice from a nap and said poo-poo mommy - so I run up to find that you have already gone poo poo SOMEDAY it will kick in
14. You are really good at playing by yourself - you walk up and down the stairs atleast 100x's per day and tuck in your baby to go to bed
15. You had SO MUCH fun at your birthday party and you especially loved your jump house
16. Everything is MINE and NO
17. Time out is a frequent place to find you during the day
18. You are OBSESSED with Beast (beauty and the beast), Memo (Finding Nemo), Lion (Lion King), HI-HO (Snow White) and Mama Mia (you sing and dance to all the songs)
19. You go to bed around 8pm and we read you 3 stories, we tuck you into bed and you normally wake up around 6:30am to which we get you a glass of orange juice and you jump in bed with us and sleep until around 7am when you begin to ask MICKEY - (mickey mouse).
20. Every morning you normally ask for Oatmeal to eat
21. In the last few days we have both noticed that you seem to have grown up into a little girl over the last few days  and your daddy and I agree - YOU NEED TO STOP
22. You love taking baths with your baby brother - whom you refer to as Baby - but we think you are trying to say Brady (it sounds very similar)
23. You say Baby Jesus (which in your words means Merry Christmas)!
24. You tell us I love you before you go to bed
25. Your manners are amazing, you always say please and thank you!

You melt our hearts everyday! Even the days you are feisty!!!  I love watching you grow up into a little girl and figuring everything out on your own - you get frustrated at times, but for the most part you figure it out!  You play very well with your brother and we are currently working on SHARING!!!  We can't wait to see how you and Brady begin to bond in the next few months! We love you Harper!