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Monday, May 17, 2010

Harper is 6 months old!

Every month as I sit down to write these updates for Harper, I can’t believe how fast time truly flies by! Harper has been an absolute joy in all of our lives, and as I write each email I think oh boy, this is my favorite month (age) and then she does something new and exciting the next month that makes me think oh no, this is definitely my favorite age! Harper is really starting to become a neat little person and she continues to bring happiness and laughter everyday to Danny and I!

Some of the things that Miss Harper is currently doing at 6 months:
1.  She is currently eating pears, sweet potatoes, apples and avocados. She CANNOT get enough of the pears and apples and actually leans so far forward in her Bumbo seat that I think she may tip it over if I can’t get the spoon in her mouth fast enough. She would rather do without the sweet potatoes but manages through them. She absolutely HATES avocados (which we tried for the first time this past Tuesday). It was actually very hysterical to watch her try and eat them. I understand the consistency is a little different from the other three foods she’s been eating, but she plows through about the first four bites, and then realizes she doesn’t like them. She will absolutely scream and then she’ll calm down and shut her mouth, but then realize there are still more avocados in her mouth so she starts screaming again. I then wipe her mouth out with a towel so there are no more avocados in her mouth! Last night was day two of trying the avocados we’ll try one more night and then we’ll start with Peas (OH THE JOYS) J
2.  She’s still eating 6 oz every 3-4 hours with adding in a little bit of food during dinner time – she really understands how to eat and what she needs to do, very little comes out of her mouth when she’s eating something she likes!
3.  While feeding her during dinner (with pears, apples, sweet potatoes or avocados) she has finally realized she has a tongue and the things she can do with it! Once I put the spoon of food in her mouth, she basically sprays me in the face by vibrating her tongue!!! Everytime she does it I just can’t stop laughing and then she starts to smile, and it really is adorable!
4.  When we feed her a bottle during the day (at least when she’s home with Danny or I), as soon as she sees the bottle she starts grunting/whining she wants that dang bottle in her mouth NOW. As of this morning, she was grabbing the bottle out of Danny’s hands and trying ever so hard to put it in her mouth (she can’t quite tip it to the level where the milk comes out), BUT it’s a start!
5.  She laughs ALL THE TIME and smiles constantly! Her school tells us that she smiles all day long and is just a very happy baby!
6.  She is consistently sleeping through the night – goes to bed around 8-8:30pm and gets up between 5:30-6am (we need to work on sleeping past 6 am, but if she’s sleeping through the night I guess that’s all we should ask for).
7.  She is rolling over from her back to her stomach and stomach to back ALL THE TIME – we can’t lay our eyes off of her for one second now, she is all over the place
8.  She is sitting up on her own, for 10-20 minutes at a time now….and LOVES playing with the jar o’ bugs her aunt Teresa Roeth gave her as well as a musical cookie jar that mommy purchased a few days ago – it counts to five and sings about shapes….the nose lights up and she LOVES it.
9.  I’ve noticed the past few nights that I have put her to bed – she will take her bottle and then basically fall asleep during the last few drops as I burp her, I will walk her up to her bedroom and we’ll sit in the rocking chair, I’ll read her two books. She can be completely out once I feed her and take her upstairs, but once I start reading to her she opens her eyes and wants to hold the pages and flip them! I was reading her a book last night about a Hedge Hog and she just keep looking up at me and smiling, it ABSOLUTELY MELTED my heart!! I love those precious one on one moments I have with her!
10.  We have moved out of the little baby bathtub, and have finally blown up the BIG ducky!! Harper can sit in the ducky all by herself and she plays with some water toys – she was a little unsure at first, but she LOVES the bath now!! It’s a lot easier for Danny and I to give her baths now, as she plays with her toys and we get down to the dirty work.
11.  She is wearing 6-9 month clothes and 9-12 month pajamas and size 2 diapers – BIG GIRL!!
12.  She had her first ear infection last week and her first fever of 102. I stayed home with her last Tuesday and took her to the Pediatrician on Wednesday they checker her ear, and gave her amoxicillin. It tastes like bubblegum and fortunately for us she likes it. Weird enough, I remember that medicine from when I was little (I guess some things never change). She weighed in at 14 lbs 8 oz.
13.  She still has blue eyes and they change different colors of blue with all the different outfits she wears
14.  She constantly sucks her fingers (right hand - middle and index finger). Whenever she starts to get tired, she arches her back and rubs her eyes (actually sort of scratches them) so we have to keep her nails extra short
15.  Harper loves hanging out by the creek with her daddy – she loves the sound of running water
16.  She LOVES Katy and Derby, and whenever they are around she just stares at them! Katy LOVES licking Harper and we have to work with Katy on ONLY licking her hands and feet and not so much her face. Derby is starting to warm up to Her….but he pretty much just licks her head if she is not looking
17.  We have her 6 month checkup next Monday – more shots YUCK.
18.  I celebrated my first mother’s day and truly felt blessed that I could share in the most wonderful gift of being a mother – with my own mother!! I guess once you have a child – you appreciate your mother more.
19.  I said last month I thought Harper was cutting some teeth – well NO TEETH yet, she is still drooling all the time, but still no teeth!
20.  She loves it when her daddy throws her up in the air – see picture above! I am always nervous, because he seems to do this right after she eats – I guess he’ll stop one day if she pukes on him!!!
21.  She is sitting in her big girl high chair - and it seems she may look like a little peanut in the chair!!

I said the same thing last month, but Harper is absolutely the best gift Danny and I could have ever asked for – she is truly a blessing to our family! We couldn’t have asked for anything more!