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Monday, December 3, 2012

Brady 17-18 months old

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in 2 months and boy oh boy how things have changed! Things you are doing at 18 months:
1. You still wear size 18 month pants and a 2T shirt 
2. You wear size 5 shoes, but you have the widest feet. I love your little puma tennis shoes but they are SO HARD to fit on your chubby feet
3. I gave you your first hair cut, it wasn't bad but you have really STRAIGHT and fine hair
4. You can count to 4
5. You know the letter B, and point to it all the time
6. You still LOVE LOVE LOVE cars and trucks
7. You love to dance especially to Call Me Maybe
8. You will eat fruit and vegetables all day long
9. You love your blankey - and still sleep with it
10. You love to ride Buzz Light Year - you could run circles around Harper on it
11. You prefer to be outside playing - or running I should say
12. You speak in sentences - and it's very clear
13. You say Night night when it's time to go to bed, and then Wuve You (Love you)
14. You throw the worst temper tantrums right now - you SCREAM at the top of your lungs, and it drives me NUTS
15. You hate time outs and refuse to sit through them
16. You aren't a big fan of going to bed
17. You have started to say your prayers before bed - you clasp your hands and say now i lay me
 18. You finally are letting us brush your teeth for you - instead of you chewing on your toothbrush
19. You are constantly saying MINE - and it's only b/c Harper says it
20. You repeat everything we ask you too - I can't believe how much you are talking
21. You weigh 25 lbs, are 33" tall - all above average which your daddy is very excited about
22. We put up the Christmas tree this weekend and you managed to break 5 ornaments - by throwing them
23. Anytime there is a step you jump off of it
24. You like to color and it's nice to get a 30 second break from your craziness - I mean you NEVER sit still
25. You now arch your back and throw a fit everytime I put you in your car seat. And when I finally get you in your car seat, you say I do it (buckling your top buckle). Brady - you are definitely giving us a run for our money and prove yourself to be ALL BOY ALL THE TIME! I wouldn't change it for the world - but you may give me a few gray hairs early on! We love you Brady Boy!!!