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Friday, June 12, 2009

We may have a champion swimmer on our hands.

Danny and I had our 3rd doctors visit on Thursday (yesterday) and everything checked out GREAT! It was a very quick appointment, I didn't even have to change my clothes, which I thought was a plus. BUT the most amazing part was hearing the heartbeat again (150 BPM)! I don't think that is something I will ever get tired of hearing :) Baby K must have been swimming laps in my stomach, because Dr. Mullaly couldn't keep up with him/her for a long enough period of time to listen to the heartbeat for more than 10 seconds! Kind of funny, but as we were trying to find the baby, we heard a loud kind of like a bubble popping in my stomach. (Later Danny told me he was about to ask if the baby farted, when the Dr. told us the baby KICKED :) ) Very cool feeling, I must admit!
I have actually felt the baby kicking or moving around a lot lately (started last week) and it honestly feels like someone is tickling the inside of my stomach. It's a very surreal feeling, but amazing at the same time. Danny laid his head on my stomach the other night hoping he could feel/hear something...the baby was moving around right where his ear was, but Danny could only hear water moving around in my all I can assume is the baby is not quite ready to let Daddy feel where he/she is yet.
Oh I forgot to mention that we scheduled our first ultra-sound for June 26th....right before our trip to Italy so we should be able to share a video of the baby by that time!
I hope you all have a great weekend! Danny and I will be busy working on our wonderful lawn this weekend, that is if the rain will subside until Monday at least!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

17 weeks and counting......

As you can see....Baby K has started to make its appearance into this world!!! It's kind of surreal, but more shocking to me at this point. This morning as I was getting ready for work, knowing that I would be taking this very picture from above......I asked Danny if I needed to put on an extra layer around my stomach.....just to make sure you couldn't see anything you shouldn't. He laughed and said, "You're pregnant Megan and it's ok if people notice now!" Thanks Danny!!!

We have our next Dr. appt this hear the heartbeat again (which I'm looking foward to), check to make sure everything is staying on track health wise, and most importantly to schedule our ultrasound...YEAH!!! Hopefully we can schedule the ultrasound sooner than later!!!

Last weekend Danny and I headed to Lake Keowee in South Carolina to visit Danny's college friend Haus......while we were there we got some much needed sun, relaxed, hung out with good friends, and road on Haus's boat...and all I can say is WOW!!! On Sunday we drove to Atlanta to visit Danny's mom and go baby furniture shopping! Which I have to admit, was very successful...not only in the baby category but we also got some items for a few other rooms in our house (like a dresser for our receiver/DVD player which has been sitting on a speaker box for the last 2 years)! I will post more pictures once we start putting the room together!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby K's first official picture

I know these images are VERY hard to see, but I wanted to make sure I posted our ultrasound pictures when Baby K was 8 weeks old! If you look really hard, you can see a + sign......that's where the little peanut is hiding!