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Friday, June 12, 2009

We may have a champion swimmer on our hands.

Danny and I had our 3rd doctors visit on Thursday (yesterday) and everything checked out GREAT! It was a very quick appointment, I didn't even have to change my clothes, which I thought was a plus. BUT the most amazing part was hearing the heartbeat again (150 BPM)! I don't think that is something I will ever get tired of hearing :) Baby K must have been swimming laps in my stomach, because Dr. Mullaly couldn't keep up with him/her for a long enough period of time to listen to the heartbeat for more than 10 seconds! Kind of funny, but as we were trying to find the baby, we heard a loud kind of like a bubble popping in my stomach. (Later Danny told me he was about to ask if the baby farted, when the Dr. told us the baby KICKED :) ) Very cool feeling, I must admit!
I have actually felt the baby kicking or moving around a lot lately (started last week) and it honestly feels like someone is tickling the inside of my stomach. It's a very surreal feeling, but amazing at the same time. Danny laid his head on my stomach the other night hoping he could feel/hear something...the baby was moving around right where his ear was, but Danny could only hear water moving around in my all I can assume is the baby is not quite ready to let Daddy feel where he/she is yet.
Oh I forgot to mention that we scheduled our first ultra-sound for June 26th....right before our trip to Italy so we should be able to share a video of the baby by that time!
I hope you all have a great weekend! Danny and I will be busy working on our wonderful lawn this weekend, that is if the rain will subside until Monday at least!

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  1. Great catching up with Baby K! Have fun seeing Baby K tomorrow, you will love seeing what they are doing when you actually feel the movement. Cute little belly as well it off, Danny is right! This is the only time a woman actually has an excuse to have a belly so enjoy it :-).

    I will look for updates tomorrow! Have fun.