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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Brady Turns Three!

I cannot believe how fast three years has come and gone!  And boy Brady have you really put us on a good roller coaster ride! You are so stinkin cute and we love you with everything we have!
Things you are doing at Three:
1. You can count to 20
2. You recognize all numbers up to 20 and all upper case letters
3. You can write the letters: T, X, H, O
4. You recognize all of your shapes and colors too
5. You still love cars and you prefer to play with them all day long
6. You can dress yourself except you get stuck with your shirts
7. You brush your teeth by yourself but you typically just bounce the brush up and down
8. You had your first dentist appointment and you got a clean bill and NICE teeth report - you were SO good at the dentist too
9. You have gone an entire year with out an ear infection - Thank the lord!
10. You went to school this year (on Mondays and Wednesdays). Your teachers were Miss Kayce and Miss Jodie. YOU LOVED SCHOOL! You rarely had a bad report from your teachers they said you basically ran everywhere
11. You love driving your Power Wheels (jeep) and you are actually a better driver than your sister
12. You are SUPER fast on your bike and scooter and you absolutely have NO FEARS - everyone is shocked at how fearless you really are
13. You are the BEST cuddler and kisser EVER! There is not a day that goes by where you don't give me HUGE hugs and lots of kisses - it melts my heart
14. You say Spageeto instead of mosquito and YELLLLLLLLOW (accent on the LLL) - we are working on Harper pronouncing this word correctly and now you like to say it like this
15. You are a screamer and it drives your daddy and I nuts - it's not a happy scream typically
16. You spend a lot of time in time outs b/c you are constantly hitting or pushing your sister
17. You do not like to share with Harper - we are working through this
18. You sleep in your own bed and love the Country Song (This is how we Roll by Florida Georgia Line)
19. You could eat Chic Fil A all day long
20. You love fruit and typically ask for dippy eggs in the mornings
21. You are constantly on the go. We are weening you off of naps but sometimes its just better to give you a nap
22. You are wearing 2T shorts and 3T pants/shirts size 7 shoe
23. You weighed 30 lbs at your last appt and and were 36 3/4" tall (30%)
24. You have fallen in Miss Mamesia's pool now 3 x's and you were more worried about your pretzels getting wet then drowning (you had no life jacket on) - now Mommy and Miss Mamesia are CPR certified.

Baby boy we love you in every way shape and form! You will always be our little meatball (which you love btw).