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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Harper is 28 months old

What you are doing at 28 months old:
1. You have gotten better at sitting still while we eat out at restaurants, you still fidgit, but if we bring a coloring book and crayons you are an angel
2. You can draw a straight line and a circle.
3. You love to trace mommy and daddy's hands - doesn't look like a hand, but it's pretty close
4. You prefer to color with your right hand
5. You love to play dress up with all your princess outfits and wear your pretty shoes
6. You love to read books, especially the books that someone special has recorded the book
7. You love school and still talk about Ava - she is your friend!
8. You can name all the kids in your class - if I get one wrong you point it out
9. You go outside and say it's WINNIE (windy) and OH it's snundering (thundering).
10. You love to swing on your tire swing
11. You drive your buzz light year bike around, but don't quite get how to turn the handles yet
12. You have gotten into a habit of changing your underwear  all day long
13. You are obsessed with your flower footie pajamas - we almost had a war last night when we were trying to leave and you only wanted to wear your footie pajamas
14. You are PETRIFIED of the cow at Chic Fil A - you say NO MOO COW
15. You are constantly putting some kind of shoes on - sometimes the right foot and sometimes the wrong foot
16. You love to wear jackets, even if it's warm outside you want to wear a jacket
17. You had an ear infection - and you told us your ear hurt
18. We think you have allergies, but aren't quite sure - you are awfully snotty, coughing and sneezy all day long
19. You usually wake up around 11pm during the night and yell for either mommy or daddy, recently I think you started having nightmares
20. Mommy took you to see the Disney Princess play last weekend and you were fascinated with cinderella, snow white and Belle. I think you would totally enjoy Disney World right now
21. You are kind of obsessed with Dora the Explorer right now
22. Your hair is still curly at the ends and we need to pull it up b/c it hangs in your face and you are constantly sweeping it to the sides - still haven't given you your first hair cut yet
23. You love Brady for the most part, but you still take away all the toys he plays with and sometimes you drag him around by his shirt. If he is standing by a window - you push him down.
24. The times I love are when you chase Brady or he chases you and you both giggle! I love this sound
25. All you ask for is Orange Juice right now
26. You are starting to enjoy playing with the neighbor kids
27. You still require an afternoon nap - you are not a nice little girl if you don't get a nap
28. We don't have a gate blocking your door anymore, if you get up in the middle of the night, you walk downstairs all by yourself - we have a night light at the bottom of the stairs - and you seem fine with that
29. You tell Brady that he has a stinky butt all the time - and then you laugh!
30. You say hold you momma or dadda - when you really mean, hold me momma or dadda

GOODNESS Harper, you have turned into a little girl right in front of our eyes. You were taking a nap on the couch the other day with a pillow under your head and your daddy said Oh My Gosh she looks like a little girl right now!
You have been testing my patience alot lately, but I wouldn't change the way you are for anything in the world! You are truly a sweet little girl!
You still use the word Adabe - and we still have no clue what it means!

Brady is 10 months old

What you are doing at 10 months:
1. About a week ago, you stood all by yourself without hanging onto anything
2. The next day you took five steps (you still prefer to crawl but have been spending more time trying to walk - 10 steps is the most you have taken so far).
3. You do not cry anymore when we put you down before bed - you still cry when we put you down for naps (most of the time)
4. You are constantly saying dada, mama, gaga
5. You make these terribly loud valosoraptor sounds
6. We finally put your highchair away and now you are sitting like a big boy in a booster chair like your big sister
7. You have recently discovered that you enjoy feeding the dogs while you are eating your meals at the table. You take a bite and then throw a piece of food on the floor and laugh hysterically when the dogs eat it up
8. You could play on the stairs all day long - up and down, up and down
9. We try and work with you on going down the stairs on your belly, which you understand; BUT you can't quite figure out how to get to your belly - we have to swing your body around at the top of the stairs b/c you try to go down face first initially
10. You love baths and recently took one by yourself, you didn't know what to do without Harper in the tub with you
11. You are gone in two seconds - you crawl so fast, we can't keep up with you
12. You love swinging in your swing
13. If a door is open, you are crawling towards it.
14. For some weird reason you LOVE to suck on wipes - kind of gross
15. You have had two ear infections in the last month
16. You have six teeth currently (four top and two bottom)
17. Your hair is coming in blonde and your eyes look hazel (brown on the inside and green on the outside)
18. Everyone says you look like your daddy
19. You get VERY mad when we don't let you play outside
20. You LOVE the creek, I have a feeling you will be a water baby

Brady, I can't believe that you are 10 months old and in two short months you will be ONE.....AHHHHH!!!  Your laughter is contagious and we love you more than life itself!