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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harper is 2 years old!

24 things at 24 months:
1. You wear size 24 mos or 2T (most of the 2T pants are too big)
2. You wear size 4 diapers
3. You weigh 23.5 lbs and are 34" tall
4. Your hair is finally growing and I can finally pull it up in piggy tails and a ponytail
5. You use alot more words to talk instead of "ADABI" - which we still have no clue what you are actually saying, but we think it means.....that
6. You are becoming a better eater, but you LOVE Daddy's lasagna
7. You have finally become comfortable at school and you are constantly signing songs, which I have no clue what you are saying
8. You love marching in place and then freezing! It's the cutest thing when you freeze, b/c you put your hands up in the air like you are catching a ball
9. You still go to bed around 8pm and are finally sleeping through the night AGAIN!!! You wake up between 6-7 (depending on the day). As soon as we bring you down the stairs you ask to watch TV
10. After you lay in our bed and watch Chuggington or Mickey's clubhouse for a few minutes, without fail you ask for Orange juice, mamma!
11. After a few minutes of TV, I ask you what you want for breakfast and you either say cereal, oatmeal or waffles - with a cute little accent
12. I always give you what you want for breakfast and you normally eat ALL OF IT!
13. We are still working on potty training, but not too hard. You did recently use your potty to go #1, I cheered SO LOUD!
14. You are obsessed with Tinkerbell - and all Disney Princesses (but they are all named Lilla according to you)
15. You hate wearing shoes and socks, and would be prefer to be barefoot all day long. As soon as we get you buckled in the car, you immediately take off your shoes and socks. This annoys me when it's raining outside :)
16. You dressed up as Nemo for Halloween, and you actually LOVED your costume. I was shocked considering the first time I put it on you, you screamed like I was beating you!
17. You could drink Apple Juice all day long if I let you
18. You love going to the park and riding in your Stroller - if I walk away from the park, you scream that way and point towards the park
19. You love your brother and are constantly trying to wake him up if he is sleeping
20. You are a pro at going up and down the stairs
21. You love coloring, playing with stickers and have recently enjoyed playing "dress up"
22. You pooped in the shower the other day and your dad almost stepped in it
23. You can count to three and know the colors blue and purple
24. You finally tell us I Love You before you go to bed!

We love you Harper!!

Brady is 6months old!

I guess time flies when you are having fun! You are into so many new things this month.
1. You weigh 17 lbs 4 oz.
2. You are 26 1/4" long
3. You wear size 3 diapers, size 9-12 month shirts and size 6-9 month pants
4. You are army crawling everywhere and rolling everywhere, and up rocking on all 4's
5. You can sit up on your own and love playing with your elmo toy
6. You love jumping in your jumperoo
7. You pull anything and everything that is in front of you, including hair, earrings and the dogs
8. You had croup this last month, it was awful
9. You are sleeping through the night like a champ
10. You are eating alot of solid food - apples, plums, green beans (not a fan of), squash, sweet potatoes and pears
11. You love yogurt too. You eat ALOT - 7 oz bottles plus 3 meals a day
12. You laugh when we tickle your thighs and your back
13. You make it very hard to change your diaper b/c you roll around so much
14. You love taking baths with your sister
15. You were baptized this month

You are my chunky little meatball and we love you so much! You bring a smile to my face everyday and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!