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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Double Trouble

Yes these two have become really good friends! BUT I have a feeling Danny and I are in for some trouble soon - DOUBLE TROUBLE.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy, best friend and husband ever! The kids love you and I love you more!!!


Harper YOU LOVE Bentley!!!  You are constantly asking Bentley to shake and you grab toys out of his mouth and then throw it - go get it Bentley!!  Bentley LOVES Brady, constantly following him around and nudging him with his head! It's actually really cute!!

Yes mommy did that :(

It started out as a normal morning.  We were getting ready to go to the pool, daddy was out of town and the house was all packed up. I was outside grabbing some water toys for the kids to play with while at the pool. I walked in the back door and closed the door and then I heard screaming from Harper. Oh SH*T I saw the look of terror in her face and then realized I had just shut her finger in the door.  And as soon as I opened the door and pulled her hand out it started turning black and blue. Oh the instant pain in my heart starting, along with the crocodile tears that were rolling down her cheeks. This is one of those times, when you think why did I just do that. But it happened and I felt terrible.  I tried putting ice on it, but she wasn't having it, so my next thought was a bath - nope nothing to do with a bath (and that's one of her favorite things to do). About an hour later, I called the nurse to see if we needed to come in b/c she was still crying. They basically said there is nothing they can do it was probably just stubbed not broken.  She FINALLY settled down after I painted her fingernails and that's when I noticed she started to move her finger and I was thanking the lord that it wasn't broken, or so I thought. Danny was out of town and I was constantly calling him to make myself feel better :)  Three days later, I noticed she hadn't sucked her fingers in a few days - she always sucked her fingers when she was tired especially at night.  One of the fingers I smashed in the door happened to be one of the fingers she sucked on.  Well what do you know, I made her stop sucking her fingers. Not that I'm glad this happened, but I am glad that she stopped sucking her fingers as that was a fear of mine and how long she would go on doing this! It has been two months since this happened and I am happy to report still no sucking on her fingers! We are passed it. So yes I feel bad for doing this, I am a little giddy inside as well!!

We sold our house

Yes we SOLD our house!  We no longer live at 1005 Autumn Ridge Ct.  Spring Hill, TN 37174.  It took 64 days to sell, which is amazing for our area!!  We absolutely loved this house - we had a lot of firsts in this house, but the drive was horrendous.  Best neighbors in the world but now we are onto our next house to make memories in.  We sold our house so quickly, that we didn't have Plan B. We are currently building our dream home in Brentwood, TN unfortunately it won't be done until  mid October. SO in the meantime, we are living in a 1,000 sq ft apartment.  2 bedroom 2 bath.  We have found we get cabin fever VERY easy, but we LOVE the apartment pool!!  Harper - you swim all by yourself with your swimmies on and Brady you can also stay afloat for a little bit by yourself!  I think the apartment will teach Harper and Brady to enjoy eachother - they are sharing a room for the next 3 months!!

Harper's Last Day of School

You loved school (after the first month). You still ask about Miss Amy and Miss Anna!  I can't wait for you to start school in the fall b/c you really enjoyed it!

Harper has tea with Belle

Oh Harper - I can't even tell you how excited you were to have tea with Belle!  I thought you might be a little nervous, but you were not at all!  We walked in and you saw Belle, and you could see the excitement on your face - wish I could bottle that moment up forever!    We first had tea with Belle, and then you created a little picture frame from the picture you had taken with Belle! You dove into that project.  You then ate lunch with Belle and your friends Izzie and Addie!  After lunch Belle read you a story. You soaked up every minute!  After lunch, we went to the children's theater to watch the actual play Beauty and the Beast. I could tell you were getting a little nervous b/c you saw The Beast on our way to the restroom. You immediately said NO NO BEAST MOMMY.  So I reassured you that the beast was nice, but you weren't believing me.  The play started and when the beast came out - you put my hands over your eyes and did not move. The play was 2 hours long and my hands did not leave your eyes - you pretty much took a nap during the play. It's ok though, I got some good cuddle time with my little peanut! I loved every moment of it!  Maybe next time we'll take you to the real thing - DisneyWorld!!

Brady is 13-14 months old!

My little blonde beauty

Your favorite past time - climbing the stairs

You LOVE popsicles

You LOVED driving your winnie the pooh plane up and over the bumps at camp
What you are doing b/w 13-14 months old:
1. You run everywhere - no walking for you
2. You refuse to hold anyone's hand when you walk - the only problem with this is you don't listen, so we have to carry you everywhere
3. You are talking up a storm: Harper, doggy, puppy, tree, car, apple, plane, mama, dada, bubbles, shoes, more, thank you, papa, nona, diaper, milk and many more things I can't remember right now
4. You have 8 teeth (top 4 and bottom 4), your top two molars are coming in as I'm writing this
5. You are a great sleeper - you no longer cry when we lay you down for a nap/bedtime
6. You love brushing your teeth - and would brush your teeth all day long if we let you
7. You would climb on the table all day long if we let you
8. You have now broken 2 computers in 3 days that we had.
9. You are a great eater - but if we put any kind of fruit on your plate you will devour that first
10. You have had some serious diaper rashes in the past month - bleeding blisters....I hate changing your diaper
11. When we moved out of our old house in Spring Hill - you climbed in and out of every cabinet you could
12. You are a sneaky little sucker - closing doors and being extra quiet so we can't find you
13. You loved being at camp, but I felt like you were in suicide mode. You would run so fast towards the water, but then stop right before we got there
14. We were at your friend Caroline Nickol's party and they recently moved into a house with a pool. We got ready to go swimming and I jumped in the water b/c you were heading towards the diving board - suddenly you just decided to walk off the board - HOLY COW....I caught you and you laughed, but you have NO FEAR!

Things are happening so quickly with you - I feel like you went from saying one word to fifty!  You are talking all the time, I find myself asking you to say something, and you repeat it and it still amazes me......We love you little man!!

Brady is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday to our Little Meatball!!!  For your birthday we invited all of your littlest friends and tried to keep the heat at bay by having a pool party!!  You loved your party and enjoyed every bite of your birthday cake!!!  Your big sister Harper insisted that she help you eat all of your cake as well!
What you are doing at 12 months old:
1. Walking/Running EVERYWHERE
2. Your favorite place to play is the stairs
3. You actually do really well on the stairs - even still going down on your belly
4. You are wearing size 12-18mos clothes and a size 3 diaper
5.  You take 2 really good naps - and still go to bed at 7:30pm
6. No more bottles - we are officially done with them - you have done pretty well with the sippy cup
7.  You say mama, dada and doggy
8. You love pulling out the pots and pans and dragging them acrrossed the floor
9. Your favorite new toy is a winnie the pooh push toy- it's an airplane and you literally are pushing that toy around 24/7
10. You wear a size 3 shoe - and when we say we are going bye bye you sit on your bottom b/c you know we have to put your shoes on before we leave
11. You love your big sister Harper - you laugh at her all day long - even when she is pulling your hair!
12. You have SO many tickle spots - your sides, your thighs, your feet - we love to make you giggle b/c it's so stinkin cute!

Brady - what a joy this last year has been adding you into our family!  It has flown by, but we wouldn't change your little volociraptor scream for anything!  We love you baby boy!!!