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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Harper has tea with Belle

Oh Harper - I can't even tell you how excited you were to have tea with Belle!  I thought you might be a little nervous, but you were not at all!  We walked in and you saw Belle, and you could see the excitement on your face - wish I could bottle that moment up forever!    We first had tea with Belle, and then you created a little picture frame from the picture you had taken with Belle! You dove into that project.  You then ate lunch with Belle and your friends Izzie and Addie!  After lunch Belle read you a story. You soaked up every minute!  After lunch, we went to the children's theater to watch the actual play Beauty and the Beast. I could tell you were getting a little nervous b/c you saw The Beast on our way to the restroom. You immediately said NO NO BEAST MOMMY.  So I reassured you that the beast was nice, but you weren't believing me.  The play started and when the beast came out - you put my hands over your eyes and did not move. The play was 2 hours long and my hands did not leave your eyes - you pretty much took a nap during the play. It's ok though, I got some good cuddle time with my little peanut! I loved every moment of it!  Maybe next time we'll take you to the real thing - DisneyWorld!!

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