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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brady is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday to our Little Meatball!!!  For your birthday we invited all of your littlest friends and tried to keep the heat at bay by having a pool party!!  You loved your party and enjoyed every bite of your birthday cake!!!  Your big sister Harper insisted that she help you eat all of your cake as well!
What you are doing at 12 months old:
1. Walking/Running EVERYWHERE
2. Your favorite place to play is the stairs
3. You actually do really well on the stairs - even still going down on your belly
4. You are wearing size 12-18mos clothes and a size 3 diaper
5.  You take 2 really good naps - and still go to bed at 7:30pm
6. No more bottles - we are officially done with them - you have done pretty well with the sippy cup
7.  You say mama, dada and doggy
8. You love pulling out the pots and pans and dragging them acrrossed the floor
9. Your favorite new toy is a winnie the pooh push toy- it's an airplane and you literally are pushing that toy around 24/7
10. You wear a size 3 shoe - and when we say we are going bye bye you sit on your bottom b/c you know we have to put your shoes on before we leave
11. You love your big sister Harper - you laugh at her all day long - even when she is pulling your hair!
12. You have SO many tickle spots - your sides, your thighs, your feet - we love to make you giggle b/c it's so stinkin cute!

Brady - what a joy this last year has been adding you into our family!  It has flown by, but we wouldn't change your little volociraptor scream for anything!  We love you baby boy!!!

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