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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brady is 13-14 months old!

My little blonde beauty

Your favorite past time - climbing the stairs

You LOVE popsicles

You LOVED driving your winnie the pooh plane up and over the bumps at camp
What you are doing b/w 13-14 months old:
1. You run everywhere - no walking for you
2. You refuse to hold anyone's hand when you walk - the only problem with this is you don't listen, so we have to carry you everywhere
3. You are talking up a storm: Harper, doggy, puppy, tree, car, apple, plane, mama, dada, bubbles, shoes, more, thank you, papa, nona, diaper, milk and many more things I can't remember right now
4. You have 8 teeth (top 4 and bottom 4), your top two molars are coming in as I'm writing this
5. You are a great sleeper - you no longer cry when we lay you down for a nap/bedtime
6. You love brushing your teeth - and would brush your teeth all day long if we let you
7. You would climb on the table all day long if we let you
8. You have now broken 2 computers in 3 days that we had.
9. You are a great eater - but if we put any kind of fruit on your plate you will devour that first
10. You have had some serious diaper rashes in the past month - bleeding blisters....I hate changing your diaper
11. When we moved out of our old house in Spring Hill - you climbed in and out of every cabinet you could
12. You are a sneaky little sucker - closing doors and being extra quiet so we can't find you
13. You loved being at camp, but I felt like you were in suicide mode. You would run so fast towards the water, but then stop right before we got there
14. We were at your friend Caroline Nickol's party and they recently moved into a house with a pool. We got ready to go swimming and I jumped in the water b/c you were heading towards the diving board - suddenly you just decided to walk off the board - HOLY COW....I caught you and you laughed, but you have NO FEAR!

Things are happening so quickly with you - I feel like you went from saying one word to fifty!  You are talking all the time, I find myself asking you to say something, and you repeat it and it still amazes me......We love you little man!!

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