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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Introducing Harper Elizabeth Kunath

Harper Elizabeth Kunath was born Thursday November 12, 2009 weighing in at 6.1 lbs and 20 " long!  She is happy and healthy and perfect!  Danny and I could not be happier and feel more blessed right now! 
We are making our first trip to the pediatrician on Wednesday to make sure everything is going well (eating and pooping I mean :) )  She seems to be pretty content when Grandma and Grandpa Roeth hold her though.
I'll keep this blog updated with more pictures in the future....but for now enjoy the pictures below of our first 6 days enjoying Harper!

She has her daddy's long toes!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Things I've learned while being pregnant!

In no specific order:
1. No matter how many times I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and flush the toilet, Danny, Katy and Derby continue to snore and never wake up (you'd think they'd hear something).
2. Stretch marks appear in places I never thought they could.
3. I have mastered the pregnancy woddle.
4. I need to write a book on how much unwanted advice is given throughout ones pregnancy (specifically from people in grocery stores or at the mall that I do not know).
5. That men actually do make comments about your stomach size, and I don't always know if they think about what they are saying before they say it.
6. All the aches and pains that come towards the end of a pregnancy which are just not comfortable (I'm not complaining as I feel I am one of the lucky women who is just now experiencing back pain at 38 weeks).
7. How truly excited I get when I hear the baby's heartbeat.
8. How bad the internal exams really do hurt.
9.  That no one (not even other pregnant women) can tell you what an actual contraction feels like.  They always respond by saying, "You'll just KNOW!"  Well I don't know, please tell me!
10. I hate constipation, I repeat I HATE CONSTIPATION.
11. Soaking in the tub feels better than ever now.
12. People at work are overly helpful once you get to your third trimester.
13. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me in the last two weeks, "WOW you are still here," Danny and I would be millionaires...sorry Danny I should have made that a rule.
14. The first 20 weeks of the pregnancy were very difficult, where I worried everyday because I could not feel anything, and wasn't sure if the baby even had a heartbeat (I think every new mom goes through this).
15. Weeks 20-30 went by so slow.
16. Weeks 30- now, have FLOWN by.
17. How much stuff does a new baby really need (apparently ALOT).
18. Danny and I have actually saved quite a bit of $$ because we aren't finding out the gender....if I knew I was having a girl, there would surely be a closet full of cute dresses.
19. This child consumes my every waking thought.
20. I love the website it gets me through alot of my questions
21. Every Wednesday I get an update from that tells me what the baby is currently doing, and sometimes I cheat by going to the website and reading what the baby will be doing next week, I get so excited I can't contain myself.
22. It's very hard for the men in our lives to understand what our body is going through...they don't feel the baby kicking and it weirds them out if they see our stomach moving in odd directions (atleast Danny felt this way).
23. That our child could find a comfortable spot sitting on my bladder, and make me feel like I constantly have to pee for 24 hours...that's been an interesting one.
24. What nesting really boss thinks I'm nesting right now because I'm preparing my work binder so when I'm gone for 3 months he'll know how to do my job!
25. Sometimes you need a little caffeine in your life even though they tell you it's not good for the baby.
26. The house will never be totally spotless like I want it to be before the baby is born.
27. People ask all the time if our dogs have any clue....I really don't think they do. Danny points to my belly and asks our dogs whats in mommy's tummy, and I think they think I'm hiding a treat in there!
28. I work with a lot of men at Nissan (believe it or not) and the stories they tell me about their wives' pregnancies are HORRIBLE....I'm wondering if that's the real story or if they are just trying to scare me.
29. You can talk yourself into having any kind of complication with your pregnancy if you just Google what you are feeling.
30. How quickly the BAD smells take over your body in that first trimester, and then how quickly they leave.
31. How disgusting meat smelled during my first trimester, but now it doesn't bother me at's like nothing ever happened.
32. Once you are pregnant how many other women you notice are pregnant too!

33. How much I have truly loved being pregnant!
34. The miracle of life is truly amazing, and I am in constant shock that a child is forming inside of me, and will be breathing on his/her own in less than two weeks.
35. How much my love for Danny has grown
36. How much I love that Danny doesn't let me lift ANYTHING heavy (or not so heavy).
37. How excited grandparents can get about the arrival of their future grandchild - which I love.
38. How much I really like my elastic waist banded jeans (which I never thought I would say).
39. How I can't wait to hold this baby in my arms.
40. How I can't wait to watch Danny change his first diaper and hold our baby in his arms.
41. How easy it truly has been to not know if our child is a boy/girl

OK this list is REALLY long, and I only intended for the list to hit #20...obviously I've figured alot more than I initially thought I did!

As of Wednesday I was 38 weeks pregnant (Danny took a picture this morning which I will post over the weekend).  I met with the doctor on Thursday and everything was still moving in the right direction. 1/2CM dilated and the babies heart beat was 120-130.  There will be no inducing before Nov 18th, and she seemed to think the baby was pretty comfortable in my stomach and didn't want to budge before then, which I'm perfectly fine with.  This weekend is supposed to be in the Mid 70's so Danny and I can enjoy one last weekend before our little one arrives! 

I'll keep everyone posted on the blog if anything happens between now and Nov 18th!