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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harper's First Day of School

So the day started out great! You slept from 8-6:30am and then hopped in bed and watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for about 30 minutes with mommy and daddy!  You helped me make pancakes for your breakfast and you scarfed them all down! You even asked for extra maple syrup on yours!  We dressed you for school and you took your first picture by yourself in front of the door - a tradition we have just started! You were excited when we asked you if you were ready to go to school today! Your mood slightly changed once we pulled in the parking lot. Your daddy held your hand and walked you into school, you were a little unsure once you saw all the kids. But once we walked into your classroom you knew exactly what was going on......and the tears started. Miss Amy and Miss Anna are your teachers and they picked you up immediately had you give us a kiss and say bye bye.....tears were still coming.  I received a text message from Miss Amy around 10am saying you were outside playing and doing great! I felt relieved. I was SO excited to pick you up from school at 11am, thinking you would run to me with open arms. BUT that wasn't the case.....apparently once you came back from outside you were looking for us and realized we weren't there, so you began to cry for the next 45 minutes. Your teacher was holding and said it was a rough day. So we decided next week you would come from 9-11am until you were transitioning better! The end of the day was more rough on me than dropping you off! I hope you enjoy school Harper!

Friday, August 19, 2011

First good kid picture!!


Brady is 3 months old

Smiling.... what you do all day long!!!

Mommy sandwich

I cannot believe you are already 3 months old - where has time gone? It just seems like yesterday that we were at the hospital delivering you and staring into your bright blue eyes! So much has happened in the last month since I last wrote. You are officially rolling over (all the time) from back to stomach and occasionally stomach to back. You smile ALL the time and have recently started belly laughing! Of course it's always when I'm making a silly noise and Harper is laughing - so I'm thinking you are more or less laughing at your sister! You have really begun to notice everything around you; including the dogs. Katy LOVES to lick your feet and Derby is still a little unsure about you - sniffing you whenever you are on the ground! You love laying on your back and playing on your playmate - recently grabbing onto the rings above! You are a little unsure about the bumbo seat yet - just wait until we start feeding you rice cereal in it, then you will love it! You hate being put in your carseat, but calm down once we start driving. I have stopped nursing you (since 8 weeks) and you are getting breast milk from a bottle - 5 oz recently every 2 1/2 - 3 hrs - you are a BIG baby! Your daddy and I weighed you the other day and you weighed 14.5 lbs YIKES! You are wearing 6 month PJ's and 3-6 month clothes - I cannot believe how big you are! Next month you and I get to spend 2 days a week alone together. I am really looking forward to this time alone with you, but sad that your sister will be at school!  Don't worry - we can still have fun!  You are now sleeping in your crib - go down between 8-8:30 and waking up once during the night normally around 3-4:15am. You are a great sleeper, but still like to be swaddled!!
We love you Brady!!!  Can't wait to see what month 4 will bring to us!

Harper is 21 months old

Riding in Daddy's jeep - I love climbing in it all by myself

Harper at 21 months old:
1. You are wearing size 3 & 4 diapers, just depends on what is on hand
2. You are wearing size 18 month and 2T clothes - pants are definitely 18 mos but most shirts are 2T
3. You are really starting to talk daddy, my mommy, bye bye baby (or Brady), my turn, lion (is your new favorite word along with RRRRRR)
4. You are still loving on Brady all the time, and insist he doesn't sleep when you are around!
5. You have become a little copycat - constantly copying what your daddy and I are doing - including trying to change the diaper on your baby dolls and feeding them
6. You are still a challenge to feed at times, but you really love Pancakes and Waffles
7. You love taking showers and will never say no to a bath
8. You moved into your big girl bed at the beginning of the month and absolutely love it. We have to close your door and put a doggy gate up b/c once you are up you are up. You do a butt bomb off your bed and open your door and yell Momma! It's adorable and I love hearing that word - but only if you have napped longer than 1 hour!
9. You insist on not wearing shoes, and manage to take off all of your shoes while we are sitting in the car - even if it's a one minute car ride
10. We play with flashcards everyday and you are pretty good at pointing to the pictures when I say the name of something
11. You love riding your bike outside, pushing your baby stroller or jumping on your trampoline
12. You have really started to enjoy coloring with chalk on the pavement and coloring with crayons - we have had to put away the markers b/c you know how to open the lids now
13. Every morning when I am getting ready and putting my makeup on, you insist on putting makeup on your face as well! You say My Turn - and play with my brushes and makeup - clear of course!
14. You love going swimming and scream - POOL whenever you see the pool. You have no fear of the water, which makes me a little nervous - so swimming lessons cannot start soon enough
15. You have a tender heart especially when you are caring for your babydolls
16. You give great big hugs to your daddy and I each night and precious kisses to Brady
17. I love watching you grow into a little girl and can't believe you will be starting school in less than two weeks
18. You are still taking two naps a day, unfortunately that will soon end once school starts
19. Each of Brady's toys have sprung a new interest in your mind - you love sitting on the bumbo and swinging in Brady's swing!
20. You were stacking blocks the other day and stacked them nine high :) WOW I was impressed. You also love to put the correct shapes into the holes of your toys
21. You have developed a true sense of being a sister, everytime you think we are going somewhere you say bye - which in translation means: if we go bye bye mom we need to bring the baby!

Harper you are such a wonderful little girl with a lot of spunk! Your energy, smile and laugh truly light up my days! I can't wait to see what this next month/year bring for all of us!

Good luck at school Miss Harper - I will miss all of our days together but I know this is the best thing for you!
We love you!