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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harper's First Day of School

So the day started out great! You slept from 8-6:30am and then hopped in bed and watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for about 30 minutes with mommy and daddy!  You helped me make pancakes for your breakfast and you scarfed them all down! You even asked for extra maple syrup on yours!  We dressed you for school and you took your first picture by yourself in front of the door - a tradition we have just started! You were excited when we asked you if you were ready to go to school today! Your mood slightly changed once we pulled in the parking lot. Your daddy held your hand and walked you into school, you were a little unsure once you saw all the kids. But once we walked into your classroom you knew exactly what was going on......and the tears started. Miss Amy and Miss Anna are your teachers and they picked you up immediately had you give us a kiss and say bye bye.....tears were still coming.  I received a text message from Miss Amy around 10am saying you were outside playing and doing great! I felt relieved. I was SO excited to pick you up from school at 11am, thinking you would run to me with open arms. BUT that wasn't the case.....apparently once you came back from outside you were looking for us and realized we weren't there, so you began to cry for the next 45 minutes. Your teacher was holding and said it was a rough day. So we decided next week you would come from 9-11am until you were transitioning better! The end of the day was more rough on me than dropping you off! I hope you enjoy school Harper!

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