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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend in Atlanta

First family photo since Brady was born!  Harper is 21 1/2 months old and Brady is 16 weeks old!

We had a great time in Atlanta this weekend.....saw family and some of Danny's Highschool friends!!!  Harper went swimming the entire weekend and Loved it! Brady even took a dip in the pool and didn't mind it too much himself!  By the end of the weekend Harper was jumping off of a diving rock (with help) and putting her face in the water unassisted! I'm hoping she'll be ready for the beach next weekend!!!
From my last post, you know Harper started school last Wednesday. It didn't go so well, but definitely could have been worse on both Harper and us.  Thursday morning Harper woke up and had red blotches all over her stomach.  I waited for about an hour, not really knowing what they were but thought it might be hives.  About an hour later, the red blotches were spreading to her arms and legs. I decided to take her into the Dr. to figure out what the red blotches might be.  Sure enough it was hives. The Dr. said he wasn't sure what caused it, but it could be a virus (from her brother), allergic reaction or stress. The only thing he prescribed was benadryll for the itch and an oatmeal bath to soothe her.  The hives were worse the 2nd day. I think they bothered me more than they did her. I took some pictures to show how awful they looked!!
Day 1 of hives (all over stomach and arms)

Day 2 of hives: all over face, legs and hands

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