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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harper is 22 months

Swimming at the pool in Destin! You loved the purple goggles and swimmies!
Being the "sweet" sister!

Another month has come and gone and our little girl is turning into a little lady! So many things have happened during this month I can't believe you are almost two years old!
What Harper is currently doing:
1. You wear a size 3 diaper and 18 month clothes but sometimes can fit into 2t
2. Your favorite thing to do is mommy shower! You love showers currently but scream when we wash your hair!
2.5 You can open ANYTHING now including lotion, Vaseline and nail polish. Not a good thing either!!!! We have found all 3 of the said items on your baby dolls and other crazy places around our house! Lucky or us the nail polish was only on your clothes!!
3. You are talking a ton more. For example your new favorite saying is,"Momma I want orange juice!" you tell us this at least 5x's a day! You love your orange juice and have recently discovered you love pulp too!
4. You said your first bad word.....I mean it sounds like a bad word. You try to say Big Fish but it sounds more like bi ish. (see if you can figure that one out)
5. You really have no interest in using the potty yet. You mainly use it to shove your baby doll in and close the lid! Hopefully this isn't a sign of what you will do to Brady!
6. Just recently you have been going poopy in your diaper and then immediately taking it off and saying mommy or daddy poppy!! We may be buying pull ups sooner than later
7. You love Brady so much that you are constantly asking where he is and won't ever let him sleep.
8. You have found a new love for your old baby toys especially when Brady tries to play with them!
9. You mimic everything mommy does with your baby doll- you ask for diapers for your baby, give it baths and try to rub lotion on him.
10. You love playing with mommy's makeup and really seem to know where everything goes on your face.
11. You started a program called PDO parents day out. It's from 9-1pm Monday's and wednesdays. First day was very rough you cried all day, 2nd day you did better and lasted til 12:30, 3rd day you lasted the whole day!!!
12. You still won't do art at school but we don't want to push you since we know you are still adjusting.
13. You had school on Wednesday's and you picked up your backpack and carried it into school like you were a big girl!
14. You have started to hit mommy and daddy. Need I say more
15. B/c of #14 you have been sitting in time out ALOT lately
16. Your new favorite word is MINE
17. You tell mommy and daddy NO a lot
18. You are still a picky eater but love edamame beans with soy sauce
19. You love your big girl bed and have a lot of stuffed animals that sleep with you!
20. Your hair is long enough that we can put it up in piggy tails or a pony tail
21. You have recently started calling your blanket blanky
22. Your favorite movies are toy story which you refer to as buzz and nemo which you call meemo!

Harper you bring so much joy to our life we can't thank you enough!!!!

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