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Monday, October 17, 2011

Harper is 23 months old

Swimming in Destin! You loved your floaties!

HOLY cow, we can't believe you are just one month away from being 2! Oh and how this past month has completely thrown us for a loop!!!
All the things you are doing at 23 months:
1. You are slowly starting to wear 24/2T clothes.  The 18 mos jeans are high waters, but the 24 mos show you have no butt!
2. You are still wearing a size 3 diaper and your little brother has finally caught up to you!
3. You love playing outside with anything that has to do with water (including the doggy bowl....still)
4. You run so fast, sometimes I can't catch you!
5. You have started to show us a little resistance....time out has become more frequent lately
6. You are talking a ton more - lately you have been saying I want you momma (which means hold me) and 'mere' momma (come here).
7. You are still saying "up" when you mean "down"
8. You love climbing on anything and everything, including the jumperoo even while Brady is jumping in it
9. You LOVE school now, even though when we ask you if you like school you say NO!
10. We are working on potty training, but we aren't getting very far (you have yet to go #1 or #2 in the actual potty - it's mostly RIGHT BESIDE it
11. You take one nap now normally from 1:30-3:30 or 4
12. You have given us a run for our money at nighttime. We have a normal routine that has not changed one bit. Bath, PJ's, Milk, Brush Teeth, Read books and then "night night time". The past week or so you have been screaming at the top of your lungs, coughing, crying, gagging yourself until we come and get you. I would like to think it's a stage......but man it's rough hearing you cry so much. Daddy slept with you last night and then came downstairs around 1:30. We'll see how tomorrow night goes.
13. You love climbing on the monkey bars at the park, and you are terrified of nothing
14. Every morning when you wake up you ask for "orange juice momma/dadda" PLEASE! I want orange juice! and then you say TV - b/c we let you watch Mickey Mouse in bed with us in the mornings!
15. You ask for your blankie as soon as you get out of the tub at night!
16. You are a very good helper in the kitchen. You pull out your stool and follow me around everywhere in the kitchen and then you politely say "elp" momma!
17. You love pushing around your baby stroller with nothing in it. You could run laps all day around the island in the kitchen if you wanted to!
18. You are really into putting puzzles together now - and you can actually put ALL the shapes into the right spots! YEA!!
19. Mine and No are your favorite words currently. You don't like it when Brady has something in his hands and you want it. We are working on sharing!
20. You love swinging on your swing outside....yesterday you discovered that you can somehow get out of the swing and stand in it. UGH......
21. You love it when your daddy is rough with you - throwing you in the bed - you hysterically laugh and ask for more
22. Your current favorite movie is Toy Story but you call it BUZZ!! You ask to watch it atleast 20 times a day.
23. We took you to Disney on Ice a week ago and you absolutely LOVED it. You shouted MICKEY and DONALD when you saw them! The performance was 2 hours long and you did REALLY well!!
24. You have finally learned some manners, you say please and thanks! It melts my heart!

You are an absolute joy! You and your brother have really started to make a lot of eye contact and communicate more this past month....we feel so blessed!

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