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Monday, October 17, 2011

Brady at 5 months

Brady, yesterday was your 5 month birthday! AHHHHH......where has my little baby boy gone? You are growing every second of everyday and I love being able to see it all!
Gentry's farm 2011
5 things at 5 months:
1. You roll front to back; back to front - ALL DAY LONG. I can't keep you in one place anymore!
2. You are finally sleeping through the night!
3. You love your jumperoo! And could jump all day long
4. You laugh and smile ALL DAY LONG! You are ticklish on your back and in between your thighs - your laugh is contagious
5. You get up on your knees and elbows and scoot back and forth - it looks like you are going to crawl soon - AHHH

You have become such a happy baby this last month! We started feeding you food at 4 1/2 months - you love sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, green beans, but I think pears might be your favorite right now!
You eat like a champ - 30 oz a day plus 2 big meals (breakfast and lunch). You are currently wearing size 6 months pants and 6-9 month shirts! You are my little meatball! You also caught up to your sister by wearing size 3 diapers. You recently have become very constipated from adding formula to some of your bottles - it took you 4 days to get out a very large poop yesterday! But you looked pretty relieved when you got it out! We now put 1 TBSP of prune juice in your morning bottle - which seems to help with your issues!!!
I love every minute I get to spend with you. and I especially love the fact that you recognize your daddy and I now!

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