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Monday, December 3, 2012

Brady 17-18 months old

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in 2 months and boy oh boy how things have changed! Things you are doing at 18 months:
1. You still wear size 18 month pants and a 2T shirt 
2. You wear size 5 shoes, but you have the widest feet. I love your little puma tennis shoes but they are SO HARD to fit on your chubby feet
3. I gave you your first hair cut, it wasn't bad but you have really STRAIGHT and fine hair
4. You can count to 4
5. You know the letter B, and point to it all the time
6. You still LOVE LOVE LOVE cars and trucks
7. You love to dance especially to Call Me Maybe
8. You will eat fruit and vegetables all day long
9. You love your blankey - and still sleep with it
10. You love to ride Buzz Light Year - you could run circles around Harper on it
11. You prefer to be outside playing - or running I should say
12. You speak in sentences - and it's very clear
13. You say Night night when it's time to go to bed, and then Wuve You (Love you)
14. You throw the worst temper tantrums right now - you SCREAM at the top of your lungs, and it drives me NUTS
15. You hate time outs and refuse to sit through them
16. You aren't a big fan of going to bed
17. You have started to say your prayers before bed - you clasp your hands and say now i lay me
 18. You finally are letting us brush your teeth for you - instead of you chewing on your toothbrush
19. You are constantly saying MINE - and it's only b/c Harper says it
20. You repeat everything we ask you too - I can't believe how much you are talking
21. You weigh 25 lbs, are 33" tall - all above average which your daddy is very excited about
22. We put up the Christmas tree this weekend and you managed to break 5 ornaments - by throwing them
23. Anytime there is a step you jump off of it
24. You like to color and it's nice to get a 30 second break from your craziness - I mean you NEVER sit still
25. You now arch your back and throw a fit everytime I put you in your car seat. And when I finally get you in your car seat, you say I do it (buckling your top buckle). Brady - you are definitely giving us a run for our money and prove yourself to be ALL BOY ALL THE TIME! I wouldn't change it for the world - but you may give me a few gray hairs early on! We love you Brady Boy!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brady is 16 months old

What you are doing at 16 months old: 1. Throwing terrible temper tantrums - you sound like a squealing pig 2. Your vocabulary is through the roof - you actually have been connecting two words - good job, hi daddy, big airplane and many more 3. You and Harper are really beginning to play together - you have so much fun when there are no toys in the middle 4. You are extremely fascinated with match box cars right now - you will hold at least 5 in your hands and you say VROOM VROOM as you drive the cars all over our apartment 5. You refuse to go to bed unless you throw your cars and everything else out of your bed at least 5 x's 6. You had a ruptured ear drum last month - it has finally healed 7. You love to take showers - you say SHOOOOOWER 8. You are getting better at climbing the stairs, but you still take a few spills every week 9. Your favorite thing to do is jump - you jump off of everything, including our bed, the couch and even concrete stairs outside 10. You terrify me every time you jump off the stairs, but I know you are a boy - so I let you go 11. You are wearing size 4 diapers, 18 mos - 2T shirts, 18 mos pants and a size 5 shoes 12. You are constantly touching things that are HOT, even though I tell you not to 13. Lately you have been taking hangers out of the closet and putting them in the kitchen. After you have brought all the hangers you can get to into the kitchen, you take them back to your room - this continues for about 5 minutes 14. You love Elmo, Dora, Mickey and Minnie - you can say all of their names and get so excited when you see them ANYWHERE 15. You throw everything - including things you are not supposed to. Your arm is pretty good, but your aim isn't 16. You are becoming a better eater, but you are very persistent when we ask if you want anymore - you shake your head NO 17. You say all done when you are finished eating, and then hand us your plate 18. You like to buckle things 19. You have broken 3 pairs of my sunglasses - you bend the frame backwards - no more nice sunglasses for mommy 20. Your favorite song right now is The Wheels on the bus - you roll your arms and somewhat sing along 21. You have three molars - the final one is popping through but not all the way through yet I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, where your temper tantrums may be coming to an end (hopefully I'm not speaking too soon) this will only happen as your vocabulary gets even better than it already is. Brady - you are our sweet baby boy, who's cute little glances make our heart skip a beat! We love you baby boy!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Harper's first day of Preschool

Harper had her first day of Preschool last week! Her teachers are Miss Wendy and Miss Suzanne! So far she has really enjoyed school and hasn't cried at all. Although the first day she went, when Danny and I were getting ready to leave she said Don't Leave me. That broke my heart. I am cherising all the special alone time Brady and I get to spend together, although I miss Harper deeply when I drop her off. She has learned what the letter A and H look like, how to draw them and how to sound off the letters!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our New House

Back and Front of the house - making progress. We are hoping for a mid October move in date!!  Saying lots of prayers it happens then, b/c the apartment is getting extremely cramped!

More Double Trouble

This is what happens when you live in a small apartment and you both share a room and you aren't quite that tired yet.  Harper climbs in Brady's bed and shares all of her blankies and toys with Brady.  I heard a bunch of laughing and I couldn't resist taking this picture before I put everyone back to their own bed!

Gymnastics Class at My Gym

Climbing up the ladder
Doing your first somersault

My first Williamson County Fair

Bryson and Harper on the bumble bee ride (first ride ever) - you LOVED it
Daddy and Harper on the tea cups  - This was your favorite ride at the fair

Harper at 30 - 33 months old

What you have been doing over the last 8 months
1. You are wearing a size 3T everything.
2. You love to swim and are getting pretty good at staying towards the top of the water
3. You love jumping off the side of the pool
4. You recently went on your first water slide in our new neighborhood - it was fast and YOU LOVED IT.
5. We went to the fair and you loved the bumble bee ride (which is like the tea cups) and you especially loved the little roller coaster
6. 99.9% of the time you get up around midnight to join mommy and daddy in bed
7. You still love your blankie but not you have added books to your bed along with a sippy cup of water
8. You get up in the middle of the night to get a drink b/c you are phirsty (thirsty).
9. You have no fear
10. You are a very good listener and are getting better at eating
11. You started gymnastics class a few weeks ago and you ask everyday if it's time to go to nastics.
12. You start ballet next week and we bought your leotard, shoes and tutu - you have worn them everyday since.
13. You start preschool in a few days. I asked if you were ready to go to school and you said no, but then you asked if you got to see your friends....I said yes and you said ok then I guess I'm ready
14. You take really good naps
15. You have been accident free for almost 5 months now
16. Your new thing is you tell us you don't feel good (you sound pitiful when you say it and we know it's not true, but it's so darn cute)
17. You love to read books, especially lama lama red pajama, and purplicious
18. You could watch tv all day if we let you - especially dora the explorer
19. Your favorite movie is still Beauty and Beast or Mama Mia
20. You have a new favorite song - Call me Maybe and you sing it ALL DAY LONG
21. We had our neighborhood party over the weekend and you requested they play that song all night to us - we didn't think they would, but what do you know - they actually played that song and you went nuts. You stayed up until 10pm dancing with "your friend"
22. You love older girls - you gravitate towards them
23. You pick out your own clothes and shoes everyday. There is one dress and one pair of shoes you ALWAYS pick out. I have to hide the dress so you don't wear it everyday
24. You just started to like peanut butter sandwhiches - and you help me make them
25. You love dressing up in your Disney princess outfits
26. You love to paint outside in our apartment
27. I think you are more excited than we are to move into the new house (you ask to go to "the new house" atleast twice a day
28. You went through a phase and still kind of are in that phase where it's mommy's turn to do everything - buckle you, wipe you, dress you, feed you. You don't want anyone else to do it, but mommy
29. You could put any puzzle together
30. You can count to 20, sing your ABCs, ring around the rosey, Old McDonald had a farm, Wheels on the bus
31. You constantly want to push Brady around in the stroller
32. You love playing hide and seek, but you seem to pick the same spot to hide in every time
33. You still have a hard time sharing with Brady - you take things from him and say Harper had it first.

Harper it's amazing to me that you are almost 3 years old. You are pure joy to us everyday! We love you more and more everyday as you grow!

Brady is 15 months old

Things that Brady is doing at 15 months old:
1. Talking all the time: Harper, diaper, tree, truck, airplane, "oh man," juice, orange juice, milk, NO, book, elmo, paint, bird, car, water (but sounds like butter), apple, nana (banana) and many more that I can't think of now
2. You love airplanes right now - you get so excited when you see an airplane in the sky - you jump up and down and point to the sky saying aiplane, aiplane
3. You are getting better at climbing up the stairs, but you still need some help
4. You hate riding in the stroller right now, but we have no choice b/c you refuse to hold our hand when we walk outside
5. You LOVE it when the phone rings - you purse your lips together and your eyebrows lift - you get so excited. Sometimes I think you actually think a phone is called "dada or mama". That's what you say everytime it rings
6. You went through about a 2 month bout - where you had a REALLY bad yeast infection under your belly button to your bottom - we finally have it gone but it took about 4 dr visits and some serious medication: nastatin first, then vusion and finally oxistat is what worked
7. Your left top and bottom molars have popped through, and the right ones are really doing their job on you. Nothing has come through on the right side yet - here's to hoping they come through quickly
8. You go to My Gym once a week and absolutely love the class - you especially like to jump on the trampoline. There is actually air under your feet when you jump
9. If we gave you a water bottle to play with you could untwist the cap and put it back on atleast 1,000 x's per day
10. You are really into Sesame Street and Dora right now - you call it Doda
11. You have recently started to wrestle with your sister - she can still take you down
12. You love to read your Elmo book, but you are now sitting in your sister's chair and picking up a book and pointing to pictures - we ask you where the puppy is and you point the picture with the puppy in it
13. You can point to your eye and your nose, and you know that a train says CHOO CHOO.....but other than that you are refusing to point to any other body parts. We ask you what a dog says and your sister tends to answer for you - I hope when she goes to school you will start to answer questions on your own
14. You sleep really well at night - you now prefer to sleep with your have two a blue one and a white one
15. You love chasing around the vaccuum
17. You have gotten into a bad habit of turning the knobs on the oven, which it's gas so it's pretty scarey, and taking the child proof plugs out of the wall - I thought they were child proof but I guess they are not Brady proof
18. You are wearing a size 2T shirt, 18 month shorts and size 5 shoes - size 4 diapers. We had to switch to huggies b/c of your yeast infection (the pampers in my opinion were not helping it to get better).
19. You know who Papa (both of them) and when you hear their voices on the phone you say Papa
20. You love it when daddy gets home - when he opens the door you run to him and wrap your arms around his legs...I love it!
21. You have become a little fishie in the wear a puddle jumper and you can swim around all by yourself. You have started to put your face in the water and use your arms and legs to get around the pool!
22. You love to dance, especially to all the songs that Harper listens too!
23. You copy everything that Harper does - including putting raspberries on every finger before you eat them!

Brady you add such sunshine to our family! You are more loved than you will ever know!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Double Trouble

Yes these two have become really good friends! BUT I have a feeling Danny and I are in for some trouble soon - DOUBLE TROUBLE.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy, best friend and husband ever! The kids love you and I love you more!!!


Harper YOU LOVE Bentley!!!  You are constantly asking Bentley to shake and you grab toys out of his mouth and then throw it - go get it Bentley!!  Bentley LOVES Brady, constantly following him around and nudging him with his head! It's actually really cute!!

Yes mommy did that :(

It started out as a normal morning.  We were getting ready to go to the pool, daddy was out of town and the house was all packed up. I was outside grabbing some water toys for the kids to play with while at the pool. I walked in the back door and closed the door and then I heard screaming from Harper. Oh SH*T I saw the look of terror in her face and then realized I had just shut her finger in the door.  And as soon as I opened the door and pulled her hand out it started turning black and blue. Oh the instant pain in my heart starting, along with the crocodile tears that were rolling down her cheeks. This is one of those times, when you think why did I just do that. But it happened and I felt terrible.  I tried putting ice on it, but she wasn't having it, so my next thought was a bath - nope nothing to do with a bath (and that's one of her favorite things to do). About an hour later, I called the nurse to see if we needed to come in b/c she was still crying. They basically said there is nothing they can do it was probably just stubbed not broken.  She FINALLY settled down after I painted her fingernails and that's when I noticed she started to move her finger and I was thanking the lord that it wasn't broken, or so I thought. Danny was out of town and I was constantly calling him to make myself feel better :)  Three days later, I noticed she hadn't sucked her fingers in a few days - she always sucked her fingers when she was tired especially at night.  One of the fingers I smashed in the door happened to be one of the fingers she sucked on.  Well what do you know, I made her stop sucking her fingers. Not that I'm glad this happened, but I am glad that she stopped sucking her fingers as that was a fear of mine and how long she would go on doing this! It has been two months since this happened and I am happy to report still no sucking on her fingers! We are passed it. So yes I feel bad for doing this, I am a little giddy inside as well!!

We sold our house

Yes we SOLD our house!  We no longer live at 1005 Autumn Ridge Ct.  Spring Hill, TN 37174.  It took 64 days to sell, which is amazing for our area!!  We absolutely loved this house - we had a lot of firsts in this house, but the drive was horrendous.  Best neighbors in the world but now we are onto our next house to make memories in.  We sold our house so quickly, that we didn't have Plan B. We are currently building our dream home in Brentwood, TN unfortunately it won't be done until  mid October. SO in the meantime, we are living in a 1,000 sq ft apartment.  2 bedroom 2 bath.  We have found we get cabin fever VERY easy, but we LOVE the apartment pool!!  Harper - you swim all by yourself with your swimmies on and Brady you can also stay afloat for a little bit by yourself!  I think the apartment will teach Harper and Brady to enjoy eachother - they are sharing a room for the next 3 months!!

Harper's Last Day of School

You loved school (after the first month). You still ask about Miss Amy and Miss Anna!  I can't wait for you to start school in the fall b/c you really enjoyed it!

Harper has tea with Belle

Oh Harper - I can't even tell you how excited you were to have tea with Belle!  I thought you might be a little nervous, but you were not at all!  We walked in and you saw Belle, and you could see the excitement on your face - wish I could bottle that moment up forever!    We first had tea with Belle, and then you created a little picture frame from the picture you had taken with Belle! You dove into that project.  You then ate lunch with Belle and your friends Izzie and Addie!  After lunch Belle read you a story. You soaked up every minute!  After lunch, we went to the children's theater to watch the actual play Beauty and the Beast. I could tell you were getting a little nervous b/c you saw The Beast on our way to the restroom. You immediately said NO NO BEAST MOMMY.  So I reassured you that the beast was nice, but you weren't believing me.  The play started and when the beast came out - you put my hands over your eyes and did not move. The play was 2 hours long and my hands did not leave your eyes - you pretty much took a nap during the play. It's ok though, I got some good cuddle time with my little peanut! I loved every moment of it!  Maybe next time we'll take you to the real thing - DisneyWorld!!

Brady is 13-14 months old!

My little blonde beauty

Your favorite past time - climbing the stairs

You LOVE popsicles

You LOVED driving your winnie the pooh plane up and over the bumps at camp
What you are doing b/w 13-14 months old:
1. You run everywhere - no walking for you
2. You refuse to hold anyone's hand when you walk - the only problem with this is you don't listen, so we have to carry you everywhere
3. You are talking up a storm: Harper, doggy, puppy, tree, car, apple, plane, mama, dada, bubbles, shoes, more, thank you, papa, nona, diaper, milk and many more things I can't remember right now
4. You have 8 teeth (top 4 and bottom 4), your top two molars are coming in as I'm writing this
5. You are a great sleeper - you no longer cry when we lay you down for a nap/bedtime
6. You love brushing your teeth - and would brush your teeth all day long if we let you
7. You would climb on the table all day long if we let you
8. You have now broken 2 computers in 3 days that we had.
9. You are a great eater - but if we put any kind of fruit on your plate you will devour that first
10. You have had some serious diaper rashes in the past month - bleeding blisters....I hate changing your diaper
11. When we moved out of our old house in Spring Hill - you climbed in and out of every cabinet you could
12. You are a sneaky little sucker - closing doors and being extra quiet so we can't find you
13. You loved being at camp, but I felt like you were in suicide mode. You would run so fast towards the water, but then stop right before we got there
14. We were at your friend Caroline Nickol's party and they recently moved into a house with a pool. We got ready to go swimming and I jumped in the water b/c you were heading towards the diving board - suddenly you just decided to walk off the board - HOLY COW....I caught you and you laughed, but you have NO FEAR!

Things are happening so quickly with you - I feel like you went from saying one word to fifty!  You are talking all the time, I find myself asking you to say something, and you repeat it and it still amazes me......We love you little man!!

Brady is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday to our Little Meatball!!!  For your birthday we invited all of your littlest friends and tried to keep the heat at bay by having a pool party!!  You loved your party and enjoyed every bite of your birthday cake!!!  Your big sister Harper insisted that she help you eat all of your cake as well!
What you are doing at 12 months old:
1. Walking/Running EVERYWHERE
2. Your favorite place to play is the stairs
3. You actually do really well on the stairs - even still going down on your belly
4. You are wearing size 12-18mos clothes and a size 3 diaper
5.  You take 2 really good naps - and still go to bed at 7:30pm
6. No more bottles - we are officially done with them - you have done pretty well with the sippy cup
7.  You say mama, dada and doggy
8. You love pulling out the pots and pans and dragging them acrrossed the floor
9. Your favorite new toy is a winnie the pooh push toy- it's an airplane and you literally are pushing that toy around 24/7
10. You wear a size 3 shoe - and when we say we are going bye bye you sit on your bottom b/c you know we have to put your shoes on before we leave
11. You love your big sister Harper - you laugh at her all day long - even when she is pulling your hair!
12. You have SO many tickle spots - your sides, your thighs, your feet - we love to make you giggle b/c it's so stinkin cute!

Brady - what a joy this last year has been adding you into our family!  It has flown by, but we wouldn't change your little volociraptor scream for anything!  We love you baby boy!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Harper's first Gymnastics Class

We took you to let it shine for your first gymnastics class - you loved the first 20 minutes when it was FREE play but once they stuck you in a room and made you go in a circle you hated it.  Memo and Papa were there to watch Brady which was helpful!!

You loved the balance beam and the foam pit!!
Walking on the balance beam!

Brady's first Ice Cream Cone

Easter 2012

We were in Ohio for Easter this year, and it was unseasonably warm!  We took advantage of the weather and played outside the entire day!
Harper you loved coloring Easter eggs and Brady you enjoyed being able to walk around outside the entire time!
It was very windy on Easter

Hunting Easter Eggs

I found one!

Helping Papa celebrate his 65th birthday with an ice cream cake YUMMY!

Brady, Peyton, Elena, Harper and Spencer

The Roeth and Kunath's

Harper not wanting to cooperate

Brady is 11 months old

What you are doing at 11 months old
1. Wearing 12 month pants and 18 month shirts
2. Walking everywhere -  you look like t-rex when you walk though
3. You say Uh Uh (uh-oh)
4. You say Bye Bye (and wave)
5. You really try to talk, you babble all the time and sometimes it actually sounds like you are repeating what we say
6. You love playing outside, and SCREAM when we come inside to play
7. Your hair is very blonde and you have brown/hazel eyes
8. You push anything and everything around on the floor
9. You love the vacuum
10. You love taking baths and showers - and try to blow bubbles in the water
11. You eat rocks and mulch like it's the best food you've ever had
12. You still struggle with going to bed and taking naps - you cry for 2-5 minutes when we lay you down
13. If we had no other toys than our baby gates you would be a happy camper
14. You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and still take 4 bottles - you are ADDICTED to your bottles and it's going to be hard to break you from them - but we WILL be done with bottles the week after you are 1
15. You are happy and smiling almost 99% of the day
Just scarfed up some yummy watermelon!

Pushing Derby's bowl around is what you love to do outside - that and eat Dirt!
16. You are taking My Gym classes and you LOVE THEM!!!  The instructor told me you are the happiest baby she has ever seen!!!

I cannot believe you are 11 months old and in less than one month you will be a year.....MY how time flies!! We love you Brady - your smile melts our hearts!!!

Harper is 29 months old

What you are doing at 29 months old:
1. Wearing size 2T clothes but you can still fit into your 18 mos shorts (b/c you don't wear diapers anymore)
2. Counting up to 13 sometimes 14
3. You know your colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black and white)
4. You tell us everyday that Katy is black
5. You have learned that Brady has a "wee wee" and you have a "pee pee"
6. We have gone to Dr. Huss (your pediatrician) several times in the last month, b/c we thought you had a urinary tract infection, yeast infection or a fungal infection. We still aren't sure what you had, but it's gone now and we are glad.
7. Since we went to see the Dr several times (between you and Brady), you make fake phone calls to your Dr talking about what is wrong with your baby (You say Dr. Huss baby's pee pee hurts and her ears hurt, OK)
8. You are very polite, always saying please and thank you
9. You say sorry alot, and I think it's b/c you are mimicking your mommy
10. You could watch Dora the explorer (Doda) for hours
11. You are really into princesses right now - and we let you pick your outfit out - you always go for the yellow shirts b/c you say it's Belle
12. You love school, but still prefer me to carry you in the mornings on our walk to school
13. You have begun to push your little brother and tackle him
14. You say the funniest things everyday - like momma bite my feet
15. You play a game on "your phone" (daddy's i touch) which is called Tozzle - it's puzzles. You drag the pieces from the top to the correct location - you do VERY WELL!!
16. You are bare foot 90% of the time
17. We've reached a new high - you have been a month without wearing a pull up at night and have only had 2 accidents in this time - you will wake up in the middle of the night and say mommy I have to go pee pee and you go.
18.  You repeat everything we say
19. You sing Happy Birthday - but it's Happy Nu Nu to You (not sure why b/c you can say Happy Birthday)
20. You love Scooby Doo and you know the theme song
21. You can pull your pants and underwear up all by yourself
22. You can put slip on shoes on all by yourself - you ask if it's the right foot too
23. You LOVE wearing flip flops
24. We have recently begun to let you walk Derby when we take our daily night walks - you love it!!!
25. Whenever a car comes, you tell us to FREEZE until it passes
26. You love all the kids in our neighborhood and refer to them by name when we pass their houses
27. You can say your ABC's pretty well and your most common word is I can't - ugh that one is frustrating
28. You still say it's SNUNNERING outside (thundering) and whenever it's windy you tell me it's WINNIE mommy hurry go inside
29. You love to give your brother baths (wash his body and his hair) - but you especially like to dunk him in the water

Painting Easter Eggs

Easter egg hunt at your school - Emmy, Harper, Ava and Blake
Harper - you are a joy....I can't believe it's already been 2.5 yrs since you have blessed us with your life!! We love you!