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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brady is 16 months old

What you are doing at 16 months old: 1. Throwing terrible temper tantrums - you sound like a squealing pig 2. Your vocabulary is through the roof - you actually have been connecting two words - good job, hi daddy, big airplane and many more 3. You and Harper are really beginning to play together - you have so much fun when there are no toys in the middle 4. You are extremely fascinated with match box cars right now - you will hold at least 5 in your hands and you say VROOM VROOM as you drive the cars all over our apartment 5. You refuse to go to bed unless you throw your cars and everything else out of your bed at least 5 x's 6. You had a ruptured ear drum last month - it has finally healed 7. You love to take showers - you say SHOOOOOWER 8. You are getting better at climbing the stairs, but you still take a few spills every week 9. Your favorite thing to do is jump - you jump off of everything, including our bed, the couch and even concrete stairs outside 10. You terrify me every time you jump off the stairs, but I know you are a boy - so I let you go 11. You are wearing size 4 diapers, 18 mos - 2T shirts, 18 mos pants and a size 5 shoes 12. You are constantly touching things that are HOT, even though I tell you not to 13. Lately you have been taking hangers out of the closet and putting them in the kitchen. After you have brought all the hangers you can get to into the kitchen, you take them back to your room - this continues for about 5 minutes 14. You love Elmo, Dora, Mickey and Minnie - you can say all of their names and get so excited when you see them ANYWHERE 15. You throw everything - including things you are not supposed to. Your arm is pretty good, but your aim isn't 16. You are becoming a better eater, but you are very persistent when we ask if you want anymore - you shake your head NO 17. You say all done when you are finished eating, and then hand us your plate 18. You like to buckle things 19. You have broken 3 pairs of my sunglasses - you bend the frame backwards - no more nice sunglasses for mommy 20. Your favorite song right now is The Wheels on the bus - you roll your arms and somewhat sing along 21. You have three molars - the final one is popping through but not all the way through yet I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, where your temper tantrums may be coming to an end (hopefully I'm not speaking too soon) this will only happen as your vocabulary gets even better than it already is. Brady - you are our sweet baby boy, who's cute little glances make our heart skip a beat! We love you baby boy!

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