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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Second Pregnancy

Current thoughts:
1. The second pregnancy should be somewhat similar to the first (not sickness) but the way it feels
2. I should remember everything from the first pregnancy since it was not that long ago
3. I don't remember anything from the first pregnancy - feeling wise
    - Believe me I did write everything down (first time I felt Harper kick), etc. but I did not write how I felt
      at each week when Harper was still in my stomach
4. Currently I'm feeling nervous about the second pregnancy even though I should not.
5. I still read Google everyday just to make sure I'm feeling the right/same way every other pregnant woman felt during the current week
6. I don't want to be "that pregnant" lady who calls the doctor because she hasn't felt her baby kick in over two days and wants to schedule an ultra sound "just" to make sure the baby is still alive and moving
7. I drank a BIG glass of sweet tea today because of #6 (it had been two days since he kicked me in the gut) and I didn't want to be "that lady" on Monday morning
8. Good news: I got a few kicks tonight, I guess the caffeine jolt worked :)
9. I have my gestational diabetes test this Thursday and I'm nervous
    I failed the first round of tests with Harper and had to sit through the three hour test; which I fortunately
    passed, but I'm still nervous
10. I have been told that I need to eat protein only before the test on Thursday and not fruit and carbs - which I love right now
11. Had a very fun weekend with some of Danny's friends - went to dinner on Friday and headed to Arrington Vineyard on Saturday - drank a teenie bit of wine and MISSED IT
12. Got a little nervous on Sunday at lunch when I passed Harper off to Danny and then thought, what are we going to do with two - I can't pass the other baby off to anyone else......our hands will be FULL
13. There are no names for the baby boy yet - we have a long list but nothing we agree on
14. I hate it when Danny is gone for the night, and Harper hates it in the morning. When she gets up in the morning, I bring her into our bedroom so she can cuddle with Danny and I while we wake up - 6:30am comes early somedays.  Her first word is "ish" (fish) when she gets up and then as we walk down the stairs and towards our bedroom she says DaDa and gets really excited. It's so sad to see her look under the covers for her daddy and find him not there
15. We miss Danny tonight
16. We bought Harper her first pet - Ish the fish and his/her new home is on our coffee table. Harper points to  it every morning when we come down the stairs and throughout the day she'll walk over and scream or point at it - it's precious
17. I'm tired and ready to go to bed
18. I hope Baby boy K continues to kick me throughout the day so I don't have to worry again
19. I'm ready to hear his heartbeat again on Thursday just so I'm assured everything is ok
20. To end on a good note - a cute picture of Miss Harper's first ponytail :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Harper-isms at 14 months

Harper, you have recently become a sponge and I love it. All the new things that you are doing each day and week absolutely amaze me.  Here are a few videos of the FUN things you are saying these days!!
A few of the new words you are saying (some included in the video, some not).
1. Ish (fish) everything you point at is a Fish, although you do know exactly what a fish looks like and when we walk in petsmart you get SUPER excited when you actually do see the fish. I think your daddy and I are going to buy you a fish bowl this weekend
2. Apple (this was pretty much your first word). You try SO hard to say it and it's ever so clear
3. Apple Juice - we give you milk pretty much throughout the day, but you insist on calling it apple juice
4. Bubbles - you pick up your bottle of bubbles and bring them over to us and say Bub-bles
5. Boom - when you kick a soccer ball; or any ball for that matter
6. Mamma and Dadda
7. Babish (baby)

Animal Noises you can make
1. Cow - MMMMMM
2. Dog - GA GA GA GA (in other words arf arf)
3. What does a gorilla do - you pat your belly and say AHHHH
4. What does a monkey do - you reach under your arm and say AH AH AH AH

You have lately become a very picky eater. Truly only eating a good meal at breakfast - hmm....maybe I should feed you chicken then!!  You love waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, eggs with cheese, any kind of fruit and if mommy has a bagel with cream cheese you like to lick off the cream cheese. You also like to take bites from daddy's cereal bowl. We give you orange juice in the morning - but mostly diluted with water just to get your stomach up and running for the day!

You can kick a soccer ball, throw the soccer ball and daddy's most proudest moment is teaching you how to catch the ball! You LOVE bringing the ball to us so we can throw it to you and you really do catch it! I think your daddy has some future plans in store for you!!

Just the other day you started shaking your head YES instead of just NO.  And I have also been asking you if you need your diaper changed and you shake your head yes (although we definitely know when you need a diaper change b/c of the wonderful smell you leave behind)! My favorite time is when I ask you if you are tired and you shake your head yes, then head to the stairs - you climb up them and walk straight into your bedroom, walk towards your crib, put your fingers in your mouth and try to reach your blankie through the crib! You obviously know what we are saying and understand what nap/bedtime is!

You melt my heart everyday and I feel very blessed that I get to spend every minute with you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

23 Weeks

I'm 23 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 23 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby K is the size of a mango (which Harper is allergic to)
Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans but everything else is regular.
Gender: It's a Boy! Currently working on names
Movement: This little boy kicks ALL THE TIME
Sleep: I'm sleeping ok
What I miss: Nothing really - maybe sleeping on my stomach and the occasional beer?
Cravings: Food in general. I told Danny that maybe this baby will be big as I'm hungry all the time!
Symptoms:Tired, Hungry and my sciatic nerve is KILLING me.
Best Moment this week: Hearing the babies heartbeat - 140 BPM (that never gets old)

I'm loving feeling little baby boy Kunath move all the time! We point to my belly for Harper and say, "Baby!"  She normally points to my belly button and says's very cute!!
Harper feeling baby K!
Harper wanted to join in on the picture!

Monday, January 10, 2011

This is what we do on a Snow day in Nashville

Make half of a snowman!

Make snow cream
The only thing that was missing was da da and some nice hot chocolate. As Harper would say it's too HOP (hot)!  We miss you daddy.....come home soon!
As for everyone else stay warm!