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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Second Pregnancy

Current thoughts:
1. The second pregnancy should be somewhat similar to the first (not sickness) but the way it feels
2. I should remember everything from the first pregnancy since it was not that long ago
3. I don't remember anything from the first pregnancy - feeling wise
    - Believe me I did write everything down (first time I felt Harper kick), etc. but I did not write how I felt
      at each week when Harper was still in my stomach
4. Currently I'm feeling nervous about the second pregnancy even though I should not.
5. I still read Google everyday just to make sure I'm feeling the right/same way every other pregnant woman felt during the current week
6. I don't want to be "that pregnant" lady who calls the doctor because she hasn't felt her baby kick in over two days and wants to schedule an ultra sound "just" to make sure the baby is still alive and moving
7. I drank a BIG glass of sweet tea today because of #6 (it had been two days since he kicked me in the gut) and I didn't want to be "that lady" on Monday morning
8. Good news: I got a few kicks tonight, I guess the caffeine jolt worked :)
9. I have my gestational diabetes test this Thursday and I'm nervous
    I failed the first round of tests with Harper and had to sit through the three hour test; which I fortunately
    passed, but I'm still nervous
10. I have been told that I need to eat protein only before the test on Thursday and not fruit and carbs - which I love right now
11. Had a very fun weekend with some of Danny's friends - went to dinner on Friday and headed to Arrington Vineyard on Saturday - drank a teenie bit of wine and MISSED IT
12. Got a little nervous on Sunday at lunch when I passed Harper off to Danny and then thought, what are we going to do with two - I can't pass the other baby off to anyone else......our hands will be FULL
13. There are no names for the baby boy yet - we have a long list but nothing we agree on
14. I hate it when Danny is gone for the night, and Harper hates it in the morning. When she gets up in the morning, I bring her into our bedroom so she can cuddle with Danny and I while we wake up - 6:30am comes early somedays.  Her first word is "ish" (fish) when she gets up and then as we walk down the stairs and towards our bedroom she says DaDa and gets really excited. It's so sad to see her look under the covers for her daddy and find him not there
15. We miss Danny tonight
16. We bought Harper her first pet - Ish the fish and his/her new home is on our coffee table. Harper points to  it every morning when we come down the stairs and throughout the day she'll walk over and scream or point at it - it's precious
17. I'm tired and ready to go to bed
18. I hope Baby boy K continues to kick me throughout the day so I don't have to worry again
19. I'm ready to hear his heartbeat again on Thursday just so I'm assured everything is ok
20. To end on a good note - a cute picture of Miss Harper's first ponytail :)

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