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Friday, April 27, 2012

Brady is 11 months old

What you are doing at 11 months old
1. Wearing 12 month pants and 18 month shirts
2. Walking everywhere -  you look like t-rex when you walk though
3. You say Uh Uh (uh-oh)
4. You say Bye Bye (and wave)
5. You really try to talk, you babble all the time and sometimes it actually sounds like you are repeating what we say
6. You love playing outside, and SCREAM when we come inside to play
7. Your hair is very blonde and you have brown/hazel eyes
8. You push anything and everything around on the floor
9. You love the vacuum
10. You love taking baths and showers - and try to blow bubbles in the water
11. You eat rocks and mulch like it's the best food you've ever had
12. You still struggle with going to bed and taking naps - you cry for 2-5 minutes when we lay you down
13. If we had no other toys than our baby gates you would be a happy camper
14. You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and still take 4 bottles - you are ADDICTED to your bottles and it's going to be hard to break you from them - but we WILL be done with bottles the week after you are 1
15. You are happy and smiling almost 99% of the day
Just scarfed up some yummy watermelon!

Pushing Derby's bowl around is what you love to do outside - that and eat Dirt!
16. You are taking My Gym classes and you LOVE THEM!!!  The instructor told me you are the happiest baby she has ever seen!!!

I cannot believe you are 11 months old and in less than one month you will be a year.....MY how time flies!! We love you Brady - your smile melts our hearts!!!

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