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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yes mommy did that :(

It started out as a normal morning.  We were getting ready to go to the pool, daddy was out of town and the house was all packed up. I was outside grabbing some water toys for the kids to play with while at the pool. I walked in the back door and closed the door and then I heard screaming from Harper. Oh SH*T I saw the look of terror in her face and then realized I had just shut her finger in the door.  And as soon as I opened the door and pulled her hand out it started turning black and blue. Oh the instant pain in my heart starting, along with the crocodile tears that were rolling down her cheeks. This is one of those times, when you think why did I just do that. But it happened and I felt terrible.  I tried putting ice on it, but she wasn't having it, so my next thought was a bath - nope nothing to do with a bath (and that's one of her favorite things to do). About an hour later, I called the nurse to see if we needed to come in b/c she was still crying. They basically said there is nothing they can do it was probably just stubbed not broken.  She FINALLY settled down after I painted her fingernails and that's when I noticed she started to move her finger and I was thanking the lord that it wasn't broken, or so I thought. Danny was out of town and I was constantly calling him to make myself feel better :)  Three days later, I noticed she hadn't sucked her fingers in a few days - she always sucked her fingers when she was tired especially at night.  One of the fingers I smashed in the door happened to be one of the fingers she sucked on.  Well what do you know, I made her stop sucking her fingers. Not that I'm glad this happened, but I am glad that she stopped sucking her fingers as that was a fear of mine and how long she would go on doing this! It has been two months since this happened and I am happy to report still no sucking on her fingers! We are passed it. So yes I feel bad for doing this, I am a little giddy inside as well!!

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