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Monday, August 27, 2012

Brady is 15 months old

Things that Brady is doing at 15 months old:
1. Talking all the time: Harper, diaper, tree, truck, airplane, "oh man," juice, orange juice, milk, NO, book, elmo, paint, bird, car, water (but sounds like butter), apple, nana (banana) and many more that I can't think of now
2. You love airplanes right now - you get so excited when you see an airplane in the sky - you jump up and down and point to the sky saying aiplane, aiplane
3. You are getting better at climbing up the stairs, but you still need some help
4. You hate riding in the stroller right now, but we have no choice b/c you refuse to hold our hand when we walk outside
5. You LOVE it when the phone rings - you purse your lips together and your eyebrows lift - you get so excited. Sometimes I think you actually think a phone is called "dada or mama". That's what you say everytime it rings
6. You went through about a 2 month bout - where you had a REALLY bad yeast infection under your belly button to your bottom - we finally have it gone but it took about 4 dr visits and some serious medication: nastatin first, then vusion and finally oxistat is what worked
7. Your left top and bottom molars have popped through, and the right ones are really doing their job on you. Nothing has come through on the right side yet - here's to hoping they come through quickly
8. You go to My Gym once a week and absolutely love the class - you especially like to jump on the trampoline. There is actually air under your feet when you jump
9. If we gave you a water bottle to play with you could untwist the cap and put it back on atleast 1,000 x's per day
10. You are really into Sesame Street and Dora right now - you call it Doda
11. You have recently started to wrestle with your sister - she can still take you down
12. You love to read your Elmo book, but you are now sitting in your sister's chair and picking up a book and pointing to pictures - we ask you where the puppy is and you point the picture with the puppy in it
13. You can point to your eye and your nose, and you know that a train says CHOO CHOO.....but other than that you are refusing to point to any other body parts. We ask you what a dog says and your sister tends to answer for you - I hope when she goes to school you will start to answer questions on your own
14. You sleep really well at night - you now prefer to sleep with your have two a blue one and a white one
15. You love chasing around the vaccuum
17. You have gotten into a bad habit of turning the knobs on the oven, which it's gas so it's pretty scarey, and taking the child proof plugs out of the wall - I thought they were child proof but I guess they are not Brady proof
18. You are wearing a size 2T shirt, 18 month shorts and size 5 shoes - size 4 diapers. We had to switch to huggies b/c of your yeast infection (the pampers in my opinion were not helping it to get better).
19. You know who Papa (both of them) and when you hear their voices on the phone you say Papa
20. You love it when daddy gets home - when he opens the door you run to him and wrap your arms around his legs...I love it!
21. You have become a little fishie in the wear a puddle jumper and you can swim around all by yourself. You have started to put your face in the water and use your arms and legs to get around the pool!
22. You love to dance, especially to all the songs that Harper listens too!
23. You copy everything that Harper does - including putting raspberries on every finger before you eat them!

Brady you add such sunshine to our family! You are more loved than you will ever know!

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