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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby K is the size of a banana!

I read on that Baby K is the size of a banana this week (20 weeks), and these pictures were taken when I was 19 weeks.......I just can't believe that he/she is the size of a banana!!! He/she looks HUGE to me!
We had our first ultra sound June 26th, and everything checked out great! The technician took about 45 minutes to do all the tests she needed to do and Danny and I enjoyed every minute of it! Baby K actually had the hiccups at one point, which was rather hysterical. Danny keeps telling me we have an American Idol on our hands b/c he/she is singing in the 2nd picture! I'd like to think that Baby K is blowing kisses to everyone!
Our due date was re-calculated to Nov 22nd, instead of Nov maybe baby K will be a turkey baby after all!
We have our next appointment this Thursday and I will update once we get back from that as well, along with pictures from our wonderful trip to Italy!

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