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Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby is Happy and Healthy!

I had my monthly checkup this past Thursday and everything checked out just fine! The Dr. was very pleased with the heartbeat at 154 and seemed to think that my weight gain and where the baby was sitting looked just about right as well. Danny and I will get another sneak peak at what Baby K is up to on August 3rd, which we are very excited about! The ultra sound technician did not get enough pictures of the heart, so we need to do another ultra sound in a few weeks to see if the baby will cooperate this time around!!! Nothing to worry about it's standard procedure.....we think the baby was a little shy (doesn't take after Danny nor I).
Danny will be busy this weekend painting the baby room a dark khaki color (I'll post pictures once we get some furniture in). I can't believe I'm already 21.5 weeks....time really has flown by and we have enjoyed every moment of this pregnancy! The baby has been moving a lot more often now, and Danny is very anxious for the day he can feel the baby himself. The butterflies have flown away and I'm now feeling some bubbles popping in my stomach (which the Dr said is the baby doing flips)....maybe there's a gymnast in there!
Enjoy your weekend and I'll post more next week!!!

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