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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brady at 2 months old

Living it up at Camp

First try at the bumbo

I said this last post, but I cannot believe you are 2 months old already! Where has time gone and where has my little baby gone? We went to the pediatrician for your 2 month appointment a little early as we we were taking a plane ride when you were 7 weeks old - you did well with the shots, but it broke mommy's heart when you screamed in pain. You had no reactions, but slept pretty much the whole day. You were 23" long and weighed 11 lbs 10 oz. You love to eat, which is now starting to show - you have cute little rolls on your arms and legs - I could eat them up...honestly! You took your first plane ride when you were 7 weeks old - you did pretty well considering I fed you the entire time! You enjoyed camp as well, but not so much in the water  (it was a little too cold for you)! 
I thought you were collicky while we were at camp, but realized that you were not getting enough to eat from me. So no more nursing for you, I solely pump and you eat from a bottle. You have had no issues with the bottle which I'm grateful for. Now that we figured out what was wrong, you are a happy camper!
We made our first trip to the pediatrician for a non-health visit as your big sister Harper put a bobby pin in your ear and we weren't sure if there was any damage. Thankfully we got a clean bill of health report!
You rolled over for the first time the other day - I thought it was an accident, but today you rolled over 4x's in a row!!
Brady you are growing so fast, it makes me sad. We thought Harper could be the only joy of our life, but you completely proved us wrong! We love you so much and can't wait for you to enjoy our new family of four!

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