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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harper is 19 months old

First art project. I think you were a little confused on where to put the paint!

19 Things at 19 Months:

1. You have recently become a BIG sister, and are loving helping mommy and daddy out with your new baby brother Brady
2. You have FINALLY said two words (besides apple juice a few months ago) - you say bye bye juice (but you only say this when we go to bed and you don't have your juice (or milk which is what you call juice).
3. You have become quite the dancer, and love to spin in circles while we sing ring around the posey - and you keep spinning and spinning and spinning and then do a butt bomb. You will continue to spin until we finally say that's enough - you are so dizzy at this time that you fall all over the place
4. You are officially a daddy's girl. Dadda is the first word out of your mouth when you wake up in the morning - you love your daddy and he sure loves you too
5. You have a very cute relationship with your dad that has truly grown over the last few months. Daddy asks you, "Who's pretty?" And you enthusiastically say, "ME!"  Every once in awhile you will say, "Mamma," when daddy asks you that question and it absolutely melts my heart!
6. You are still wearing size 4 diapers, clothes 18mos - 2T and size 5 shoes, weigh 20.8lbs and measure 31" long.
7. You recently went swimming in Alabama at a hotel pool and we realized you have no fear of the water. It's a good thing your dad was around you when you decided to jump into the pool! Swimming lessons are much needed at this time!
8. You are the sweetest mini momma with your baby dolls. You love to push your baby in the stroller, feed him, carry him in the car seat and also have recently started to burp him like mommy.
9. It doesn't matter what time of day it is you always grab your shoes and say, "bye bye!"
10. Up is still up and down to you!
11. When we get ready to leave, you say, "bye bye" and then point to Brady (as if we are going to leave him!)
12. If we are not careful you may be pulling your brother around by his feet when we aren't watching!  You are very strong and have decided multiple times to try and lift Brady by yourself
13. You are still taking classes at My Gym. You love your hour a week of gym time and have become quite the gymnast. You can hang on the monkey bars for about 10-15 seconds without falling off and no one holding onto you. You can also get up on a ground level balance beam all by yourself and take a few steps without help and without falling off.
14. You love swinging in your swing outside and pulling your wagon in the front cul-de-sac
15. For some reason this month you don't like vegetables - not sure why either. Chicken has become something you like this month though. Yea for liking chicken and boo for not eating your veggies.
16. You love mommy and daddy to read books to you and have recently discovered the correct direction a book should go when you are reading.
17. You can point out: duck, boat, apple, stroller, robot, bus, cup, dog, cat, cow, flower, teddy bear, fish and many other items in your "look at me book."
18. You mimic everything that daddy and I do - this is when we need to watch what we say!!
19. Recently while we were taking a car trip to Alabama, Brady was crying as we first left and I looked back to where you were sitting and you put your finger over your mouth and said, "SSHH," and then put your fingers in your ears! It was the cutest thing and daddy and I could not quit laughing! You are so smart!

Harper you make your daddy and I the happiest people on the planet!  We couldn't have asked for anything more! You put smiles on our faces everyday! We love you!

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