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Thursday, April 21, 2011

37 Weeks and counting

So today I am finally FULL TERM!!!  I am finally 37 weeks!  This pregnancy has been completely different from when I was pregnant with Harper for a few reasons:

1. The time has flown by
2. I can barely bend over and pick up after Harper - hoping her cleaning up will kick in gear any day!
3. All I crave is fast food and cherry coke - ugh oh
4. I was 50% effaced and 1.5 centimeters dilated at my 36 week appt. - I was never dilated with Harper
5. I started having contractions around week 25 (which they say is normal).
6. I actually think I'm carrying baby boy the same as I was with Harper - if you look back at my 2009 posts
7. This baby MOVES alot more than Harper did
8. I think I need to sit down and relax and enjoy the movement of our baby inside my stomach, since this may be the last baby we have.

Things I'm wondering:
1. What color eyes he will have
2. Will he have hair or be bald like Harper
3. Will I remember what to do with a newborn
4. Will he sleep as well as Harper did when she was a newborn
5. Will feeding him come as easy as it did with Harper
6. Will Harper understand who this baby is and that he will permanently stay
7. How Harper will act once she doesn't have mommy and daddy's 100% attention
8. Since everyone says Harper looks so much like Danny, will the little guy look like me at all?

37 weeks

I didn't mean to dress us in the same colors!

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