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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Harper is 17 months old

What is this white stuff mom? I'm used to dirt! (Destin, FL. March 2011)

17 things at 17 months
1.  You are talking a lot more - you say please (peas), up, down, that (and points to what you want), hockey, Addie (your friend's name is Addison) and much much more
2. You are running everywhere and rarely fall
3.  You still love to play in the dirt - and pretty much eat it if it's soft
4. You love to go outside - constantly saying outside (what we understand) and cry when we bring you inside no matter what time of day it is
5. You are becoming a better eater, but we do have battles at least once a day
6. You give kisses on the lips and say bye bye when we lay you in your bed
7. You give hugs  by putting your head on our shoulders and sometimes wrap your arms around us 
8. We started doing time outs - sometimes they are successful and other times it's a fight
9.  You get frustrated when you can't figure out how to do something or your feet/hands get stuck somewhere you don't want them
10. You love jumping on your trampoline and your bed
11. You have recently started using chalk to color on the sidewalk, but you still love to eat it (not sure why it's tastes so good to you)
12. You are wearing 18 month clothes and some 2T
13. You love taking baths and showers. You know that after dinner we go directly to the tub and you can't wait. You lift your arms for me to take off your clothes, and then try to take your diaper off all by yourself - it hasn't worked so far so we are lucky
14. You are still taking two naps a day (sometimes 2 hours each).
15. You love your daddy, and whenever he walks in the door you laugh and run away from him to chase you
16. You think your belly is called baby (whoops - our fault)
17. You are an absolute joy to be around and I can't wait for you to be a big sister next month! You are the light of our lives and put smiles on our faces daily!

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