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Friday, February 11, 2011

Harper is 15 months

WOW! I can't believe our little baby girl is already 15 months old - where has time gone?
Harper at 15 months:
Words: Baby, Bubble, Apple, Apple Juice, Ball, Hot, Cup, Boom, Dada, Mama, Dog, Fish cheese, shoes and Tree. I can't think of any other words she says right now
Animal noises: Dog, Cow, Sheep, Gorilla, Monkey and Horse (daddy is working on this one)
Clothes: still wearing 12 months; but slowly being able to fit into her 18 month clothes - although they are pretty much all summer clothes, we are working to still fit our little belly into the 12 month long sleeve shirts.
Pointing at things: Head, Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Nose, Toes, Belly and Baby (on mommy)
Sleeping: You sleep completely through the night, with the exception of a few nights a month - we think you have started having bad dreams as you are inconsolable for about 30 minutes when we think this is happening. Nothing calms you down and we aren't sure what else to do but cuddle with you
Eating: you are a pretty good eater if it's any kind of fruit or vegetables. You love pancakes, french toast, bacon, eggs with cheese, cheese in general, peanut butter, yogurt, snack pack, fish, animal crackers, chic fil-a nuggets, just started to eat pizza and sometimes we can get you to eat beef. You have become a little pickier than normal, but nothing we can't handle. You definitely don't like to sit in your booster seat, you are a roaming eater!
Other things you love: playing outside. If I tell you we are going outside you go to the coat closet and point at the door (to get your jacket), after we play outside and we come in, you pitch a royal fit. There could be worse things happening, I'm glad you like to be outside - your dad and I do too!  You get a bath every night after dinner b/c you make such a mess, we say do you want to take a bath, and you go straight to the bathroom and somehow you have managed to turn on the water (the hot) which is not good, but we are right there. You have recently begun to try and take your shirt off on your own - you are becoming such a big girl!  You love drinking smoothies with mommy and daddy before you go to bed too - again the fruit has come into play! I'm thinking you like fruit so much, b/c that's all I craved when I was pregnant with you! You love the itsy bitsy spider song and do some of the motions, if you're happy and you know it, and Head, shoulders, knees and toes - you really only point to your head but we think it's funny.  You love being chased around the house and jumping on the bed. You prefer to be holding a spoon/fork when you eat and 99% of the time you try and use that utensil to eat with. You have become very successful with eating with a fork, but not so much with a spoon. You love watching the "fish" on youtube and ask for "ish" several times a day. We have limited your computer watching for fear you have become addicted at 14 months - HA HA!!
Things you don't like: When mommy or daddy is cooking in the kitchen and they are not paying attention to you. When we tell you no. If you don't want something you will shake your head "NO" and push the fork/spoon towards us . When we tell you no, you sit on the floor and throw your head between your legs and begin to pout. It's very cute, but you have managed to pull out some tears on certain occasions.
We love every moment with you Harper - we can't wait to see what you will be doing next month!
This was taken after playing in the snow with Daddy!
This is what you do when I say "Cheese."

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