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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally Full Term

I never thought this day would of today Baby K is considered Full Term! What a relief! I have anxiously been awaiting this week...secretly....knowing that if I hit 37 weeks and Baby K was still in my stomach everything would be properly working for this child to live outside of my stomach! YEAH!!! I did have my weekly doctor's appointment on Tuesday and everything checked out perfect! Baby K's heart beat was 145-148 BPM, my stomach was measuring 37 weeks which is right on track as well!

Last night was a very interesting night though....atleast for Baby K! I was laying on the couch, me on one end Danny on the's hard now to squeeze both of us on one stomach just doesn't allow the cuddling that it used to. Anyways....I was feeling ALOT of movement from the baby, so I lifted my shirt up and sure enough I had a foot in my left rib, and a rear-end in my right rib....and Danny could see it all...he said your stomach looks DEFORMED :) That's because it was....this child really likes kicking my ribs...not that I mind, because I love feeling the baby move around in my stomach.

I did get the official word from the doctor on Tuesday that if anything weird happens I need to go STRAIGHT to the hospital, it's normally call the office and we'll decide what you need to do, but I think I'm at the point where anything can happen now.
We put the car seat in the Pathfinder on Sunday and that was an interesting task! Our neighbors got a good kick out of both Danny and I trying to do this. They sure don't make baby equipment easy for parents to put together now a days!

37 Weeks - taken this morning

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  1. Can BK please hurry up and get here... I'm getting really anxious and I just have to have you have this baby soon...

    PS - you're the cutest pregnant woman ever and BK is lucky to be getting you as a mom!