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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

36 weeks and counting!

As of today I am officially 36 weeks!!! I think baby K is the size of a small pumpkin (around 6 lbs) conveniently. I have had a few people at work tell me that my stomach has dropped (I'm not quite sure what that means), but I'm hoping it doesn't mean that the baby will be here in the next few days! I'm sure Danny would enjoy not sharing his birthday with our first child...Just kidding Danny!!
Anyways...I went to the Doctor on Monday and she told me my cervix was thinning and I'm dilated 1/2 CM, which really has no significance at all. I could be dilated 1/2 CM for another 3 weeks or so! Starting this week I go to the doctors every week.....just to make sure I'm progressing each week!
I'm still feeling pretty good, although sleeping through the night has been very difficult lately.....I'm not sure if it's Derby snoring or the fact that I get up to use the restroom 3x's per night!

Last weekend Shelley Pratt threw our final baby shower for us! Shelley is a great hostess, and made the most adorable cakes (diaper cake made by her) and YUMMY eatable cake (made by her mom)! THANK YOU!! We received so many thoughtful gifts from friends and family, we have very little left to get thanks to everyone!! We will be making one more trip to Babies R Us this weekend, just to make sure every last thing is checked off the list in case Baby K decides to make an early entrance into the world! If not mentally ready we'll be physically ready that's for sure!

Shelley and I...the hostess with the mostest!

OK..I was trying to post more pictures of the shower, but it's not working right now. I'll post more when this blog decides to let me!!

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