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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Shower & 10 Year High School Reunion part II

Thank you to Bubbs and Sarah (and Peggy) for hosting my very first baby shower for Baby K! We had an absolute blast during the shower, and it was so good to see everyone that I had not seen in forever! Thank you all for making the shower such a memorable experience!!!
I also had a second shower the following weekend which was amazing as well! Danny and I are very blessed to have such loving friends and family in our lives! I only have pictures from the first shower, as my mom has yet to send pictures from the second shower (but Thank you Teresa and Mert for hosting our second shower)!
A few weeks ago, Danny and I were also back in Piqua to reminisce with my high school friends at our 10 year high school reunion! I couldn't believe how many people looked the exact same, but everyone looked great!!! I'm also pretty sure I was the ONLY sober person to attend the reunion, which actually worked out well since I was designated as the DD for quite a few people! I'm just glad I could get everyone home safe and sound! I lasted until 3am that night..pretty good for an 8 month pregnant lady!!
I had a Dr's appointment this past Monday and everything is checking out just fine! I'm currently 34 weeks along, with only 6 weeks left until my due date (Nov 18th). Baby K's heartbeat was hovering around 150, and she said everything else checked out great! I did finally figure out what keeps "kicking" me in the middle of the night, and it turns out it's only Baby K's butt :) I thought that was hilarious! The Dr. said that the baby is head down, and has no way to go breech now.....there isn't much room for it to move around or rotate positions between now and my due date!
Fall has finally come to Nashville, and this is Danny and I's favorite season! I love the weather (sweat pants and sweatshirts....which I now have to wear Danny's sweatshirts), changing of the leaves, sitting in front of our fire pit, and wishing I was enjoying some kind of Octoberfest or Pumpkin beer! Only 6 more weeks until I can enjoy one of those! We pulled down our fall decorations last night, which was exciting and Danny will begin the FUN process of decorating our house today! I did find our dogs costumes, and we had a good long laugh last night....if you know our dogs they HATE being dressed up! We took a few practice photos with our new camcorder/camera of the dogs, and you'll see once I post the pictures how miserable our dogs really look!!!
To be honest, I really can't complain too much about my entire pregnancy...everything has been fairly easy and we've had no real problems....I feel very fortunate and now I probably need to knock on some wood! I'm hoping since my pregnancy has been easy thus far, the labor will be just as easy! BUT who am I kidding!!
I hope everyone enjoys the fall weather and until the next post!

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