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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Harper is THREE

What you are doing now that you are THREE:
1. You are sassy, and you give me attitude, but you are OH SO SWEET too
2. You never went through a terrible two's you were always my big helper
3. You will always be my peanut
4. You know your ABC's can point out every letter, sound them out and you know something that starts with that letter - normally it's someone's name in your class
5. You can write the letter ABCDEMWJH
6. You love coloring - or painting right now
7. We did our first art project for family - you made your handprint into salt dough and painted it to look like Santa Claus
8. You were absolutely AMAZED with Santa this year
9. You wake up a crab every morning
10. 5 out of the 7 nights in a week you end up in our bed snuggled up with daddy (he secretly loves it)
11. You still love your blankey
12. You haven't had any bathroom accidents in a LONG time
13. You can count to 20 and count to 5 in Spanish
14. You got a bike for your birthday and you ride it everywhere
15. You got a Power wheels jeep from Santa and you are a pretty good driver
16. You still love ballet and gymnastics - I think you are going to be a great athlete soon - soccer will start in the summer
17. You are a very polite little girl - and you are constantly worried about Brady
18. You share very well with your friends
19. You love Izzie, Addie, Blake and Ava - you are constantly talking about Blake and Ava
20. You love talking on the phone to your Papa, Nonna, Memo and Papa and Memo
21. You work my phone - with puzzles and games
22. You are really into disney princess movies right now
23. Your imagination has started to come alive - you are constantly playing house with your dolls
24. You love playing outside but you hate being dirty
25. You are my little helper - you take your plate to the sink and clean it, you help feed the dogs and you help fold clothes (I mean match socks).
26. You drive Brady nuts by taking his cars from him all the time
27. You love stroodles and oatmeal right now
28. You are a really good eater and love veggies especially cucumbers and carrots
29. We had your three year check up and you weighed 28.5 lbs (24%) and 37.25" tall (58%)
30. You are growing like a weed and are making a consistent effort to dress yourself - you are pretty good at getting your shoes on the right feet.
Goodness Harper, you are my little peanut. You have grown up to be such a sweet little lady and I love watching your eyes in amazement when you find out new things.  Everything is so new and fascinating to you! You call everyone a stinker butt and I love it.
You are my light and we love you little peanut!

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