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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brady 19-20 months old

What you are doing at 19-20 months old:
1. You recognize letters of the alphabet - ABCDQRUCX are just a few
2. You know these because we watch the Letter Factory by Leap frog almost everytime we are in the car
3. You can sing the ABC song
4. You love the song We are Never Ever Ever Getting back together by Taylor Swift
5. You hate being buckled up in your car seat
6. You run everywhere
7. You open all the doors in the house and manage to sneak out every once in awhile
8. You wear a size 6 shoe and you have really wide feet
9. You wear a size 2T in shirts and pants
10. You are getting really good at puzzles on my phone
11. You have managed to somewhat sit and color for a few minutes, but most of it ends up on your stomach and your hands
12. You still take a really good nap - sometimes I have to wake you up because it cuts into our dinner time
13. You LOVE your sister and if Harper is not around, you ask Where Harper
14. You LOVE Katy and Derby - and really give them a hard time (they are really good with you though).
15. You brush your teeth all by yourself - even your tongue
16. You got alot of cars/trucks from Santa and they all make noise. You opened one car and you were done opening presents for the rest of the time
17. You love snow globes and are fascinated with our Christmas tree ornaments. I realized we needed to buy some shatterproof ornaments once you broke the first five
18. You were amazed with Santa - everywhere you saw him you would point and shout  SANTA and REINDEER and LIGHTS
19. You love to play with the refrigerator letter magnets - you are constantly taking them in and out of the letter machine
20. You are obsessed with Dora, Lightning McQueen, Diego and Mickey Mouse
21. You are a great eater - will eat almost anything we put in front of you.
22. You can count to 5
23. You can recognize alot of different animals and can point to everything on your body

Goodness you have grown up so quickly. I can't believe how much you are talking - you say complete sentences almost daily and you are constantly repeating everything we say. You are a ball of fire and I love it. You keep me on my toes and I wouldn't change that for the world.  You are my baby boy!!
We love you Brady!

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