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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Time

Christmas at Memo and Papa's house

Christmas 2012

Uncle Andy

Uncle Andy and Harper

Harper's School Christmas Performance

Sarah, Harper and Caroline exchanging gifts

Kunath Family Christmas Eve 2012

Harper's school Christmas Performance 2012 - You did not sing at all - did a few hand motions but that was it.

Harper and Brady 2012

Walking down the stairs Christmas morning

Harper, Bretta, Brady and Uncle Tommy

Harper, Papa, Nonna and Brady

Checking to see if Santa and the reindeer ate the cookies, carrots and drank the milk - THEY SURE DID

Harper, Memo and Brady celebrating Christmas

Check out what Santa brought us - a Jeep like Daddy's

Merry Christmas from the Kunath Family 2012
 We had an amazing Christmas this year.  We started Christmas Eve off by having over friends and family for a huge Christmas dinner. Danny made the best egg nog martinis ever and we had a crazy white elephant gift exchange.  Daddy read Harper and Brady Twas the Night Before Christmas and they loved it.  The kids gathered up some cookies, carrots and milk for Santa and the Reindeer and left them with a note downstairs.  Harper and Brady woke up around 7:30 am and Harper instantly knew that Santa had come - they hurried down the stairs, but not before Daddy could take a picture.  The twinkling that happened in Harper's eyes was magical and I wish I could bundle that up in a bottle and save it. She actually understood Christmas this year and LOVED every minute of it.  She also was trying to understand that Mary and Joseph had baby Jesus on Christmas morning and it was his birthday! We were celebrating his life as well!
Brady opened up one car and he was done for the rest of the day. Harper helped EVERYONE open their gifts.  Harper loved her leap pad and her baby Tangled and Brady was in love with his cars of course!!!
Christmas was very special this year - and I hope we can celebrate many more with friends and family!

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