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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brady is 9 months old

What you are doing at 9 months:
1. You clap your hands all the time
2. You wave bye bye on occasion
3. You love to mimick Harper
4. You weigh 20 lbs and 11 oz - only 3 lbs less than Harper
5. You bear crawl whenever we are outside
6. You have recently started to climb on top of things- the other day you climbed on top of  chair and then climbed up onto the kitchen table.
7. You have mastered climbing up the stairs, but have NO clue how to get down
8. You get hurt atleast two times a day - this morning you got a black eye and busted your nose  up on the floor. I hope our insurance is GREAT when you get older
9. You have four teeth now - top two and bottom two
10. You will eat ANYTHING we put in front of you!
11. If we took away your bottle tomorrow- you could care less, you would prefer a sippy cup anyday of the week, especially if it was Harper's!
12. You are going down for naps and night time MUCH easier - less crying
13. You love the book - How Big is Baby Elmo - you get excited when Elmo pops out at the end
14. You walk everywhere, but not by yourself
15. Anything you can push and walk behind, you will - kitchen chairs, your highchair, toys, anything!
16. You stand without holding onto anything, but haven't taken any first steps yet
17. You feed yourself all the time!
18. Your laugh is the BEST and your are literally ticklish EVERYWHERE!
19. You dunk your head under the water during bath time, and it drives us NUTS
20. You are wearing 12 mos and 18 mos clothing - HOLY COW

We love you Brady - you make our family COMPLETE!!!

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