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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Harper is 27 months old!

What you are doing at 27 months:
1. You can count to 10 by yourself
2. You love to color
3. When you color, you TRY so hard to stay in the lines - but you normally just draw straight lines
4. You love stickers. I actually caught you putting stickers all over our windows the other day, when I told you that's not where stickers go you started peeling them off the windows and putting them on yourself!
5. Your new favorite word is TREAT - you constantly want a treat! This started b/c of potty training and it didn't help that you had a Valentine's day party at school on Monday
6. Your favorite treat are M&Ms - and you refer to them as Num N Nums  (I will never correct you b/c it is ADORABLE)
7.You are completely potty trained - I can probably count on one hand how many accidents you have had since we have gotten completely rid of the pull ups
8. You love your beauty and the beast underwear - but you refer to them as Belle.
9. Every morning when we pick out your clothes you request to wear Snow White underwear, we have never had any of these, but you still ask every morning
10. Your favorite song is by Luke Bryan - Country Girl Shake it For Me! You have a radio in your room, and this song is on repeat 24/7 - hopefully the song doesn't go bad!
11. You love dancing, and whenever a song comes on you will shake your booty
12. Along with counting to 10 you seem to enjoy counting everything - you are constantly walking around the house saying 1, 2, 3  - counting all the magnets on the fridge, counting your cereal, etc.
13. You are always singing some kind of song - right now your favorite is Happy Birthday to you - your version is Happy new new to you....and it's always Ava's birthday (your friend at school)!
14. You still LOVE school and you have started to talk about your friends when I pick you up after school. Every morning you wake up and say Miss Amy and Anna - meaning do I have school today?
15. You have a very strong will, and will try to beat me in a stare down at times - normally i give and start laughing though
16. You are wearing all 2T clothes, but I actually think you went through a growth spurt and you probably could fit into 3T pants.
17. Every night when we play in the bonus room, you completely take down all the pillows on the couch and make a fort. Mommy, daddy and Brady chase you around the center table - and you just laugh and laugh
18. You go to the bathroom all by yourself now - you require no help from mommy and daddy
19. The other day, I called for Danny from upstairs and you repeated after me....yelling DANNY!  You still tend to call him Danny and we think it's hilarious!
20. You have become quite a picky eater, not really eating any meat for some reason
21. You still love fruit though
22. Your dad found you the other day after you had gone to the bathroom all by yourself - he thought it was taking a lot longer than it should so he went to check on you, he found you dipping toilet paper into the toilet water you had just peed in and you were sucking out the water - YUP you did that! GROSS
23. When it's time to go to bed, you normally grab Brady's head and hold his cheeks while you give him a kiss.
24. You are getting up in the middle of the night walking down the stairs and climbing into our bed - without us knowing. This has happened quite a few times over the last month
25. You and Brady have started to really play with eachother - you make a sound and he'll make it back and then you just giggle and giggle.
26. You love dragging brady around the floor - by his shirt of course
27. You are a water baby - you love showers the most though!

We can't wait to see the relationship that blooms between you and Brady - this month has been a true test of mother/daughter - you are becoming a little kid and starting to have a slight attitude! I'm not sure where you get this from (maybe your daddy)! Just kidding, you are really the greatest little girl anyone could ask for! You use your manners just the way we taught you!!
WE love you Harper!

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