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Monday, January 23, 2012

Potty Training

Day one of Potty Training!

Date we started to potty train Harper - Jan. 19, 2012
Day one: you thought it was fun at first and even went potty in your toilet 3x's before 10am. THEN a switch turned on and you fought EVERY waking moment from here on out. You absolutely let loose and screamed trying to find your diapers. I even caught you one time crawling in the cubby hole in the hallway throwing ALL the diapers onto the floor trying to find your cookie monster diapers (secretly I had hid all the cookie monster diapers a little earlier in the day) you even told me no mommy i'm not a big girl diaper on NOW- smart on my part b/c you finally gave in and had a GREAT first day of potty training overall. Right before you went to bed we put a pull up on you - with Tomater on the front, which you absolutely LOVED.

Day two: you woke up and said mommy no diaper, so we walked around the whole day with just a long sleeve shirt on. You had no accidents this day except for when you were napping (which we put a pull up on you).

Day three: Daddy's home and he was in charge of working on putting underwear on you for this day as mommy would be gone most of the morning. You had an accident in your underwear and got upset and then you pooped in your underwear and got really upset. Daddy grabbed you pulled your underwear off and took it to the toilet to flush. When he came back he was surprised to find you sitting on the couch with a dirty butt, b/c he had not wiped you yet! Overall you did not like your underwear

Day Four: You had a few accidents with your underwear on, and again got really upset, but after your accidents you were accident free the rest of the day! You were a little scared to go #2 on day 4, and I could tell you REALLY had to go around noon b/c you were grabbing yourself and saying mommy poopy....BUT you just would not give in and sit on the toilet. You kept grabbing diapers and telling me to put them on you. Once you actually laid on the ground in front of me and tried to put the diaper on yourself. I wasn't giving in. Around 7:30 after LOTS OF TEARS and SCREAMING, you went and sat on the big girl potty and were pushing and pushing and pushing.  You had waited so long you made yourself constipated so it hurt when you were pushing it out. I was cheering for you like you were giving birth - you will appreciate this later in life! You finally got it out and then flushed the toilet and said Mommy's turn!! HA HA HA~

Day Five: Today was your first day at school "potty training" we decided to put you in pull ups on the way to school just in case we couldn't pull over to let you go potty. As soon as we walked in your classroom you said mommy potty and you went potty like a big girl!  You didn't have any accidents at school and your teachers said you did a really good job telling them when you had to go potty.

We will be working on wearing your big girl underwear the rest of this week and weekend and hopefully by next Monday you will be FULLY potty trained!

We are so proud of you Harper!! You are quick to learn!

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