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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brady is 8 months old

Smiling before your first New Years Party

Daddy and Brady

What Brady is doing at 8 months old
1. You have had your first two ear infections this month
2. You had Rosiola this past month as well (this is apparently very common in infants and it's basically when you had a virus which has started to go away)
3. You did not mind Santa
4. You are "cruising" around on furniture - your preference is to push Harper's potty around the floor
5. You hate being tied down to a toy (i.e. jumperoo, exersaucer and highchair), you prefer to be crawling around the floor
6. Your favorite spot in our house is the fire place and pulling the rocks out
7. You climbed up three steps today by yourself
8. You throw temper tantrums when we pull you away from the fire place - you arch your back and scream at the top of your lungs and bend your legs like you are jumping up and down - it's actually pretty hysterical
9. You are wearing 12 month clothes
10. We got you your first pair of shoes and you actually don't mind them
11. You love watching your sister and laughing at her
12. You have the best laugh and are giggling ALL THE TIME!
13. You like to play by yourself, but not for very long
14. When you are holding your bottle during feedings you are constantly twisting it around and tend to hold your bottle with only one hand
15. You just learned how to click your tongue and you do it on cue
16. You LOVE saying the word, YEA

Thank you for bringing such JOY to our lives Brady! We Love you!

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