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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Harper is 4 months old

Today Harper turned 4 months old….she is getting bigger as each day passes. I can’t believe she’s already 4 months old!
Some of the new things that she is doing:
1.  Rolling to her side (picture above)…and then not quite finishing a complete roll over to her stomach…she’ll just sit there and play with her fingers or suck her thumb. She is SO CLOSE to rolling over, but I’m thinking she’s just not ready. Which is ok with me….b/c that means once she rolls over we won’t be able to leave the room with her staying in one spot.
2.  Smiling whenever she sees Danny or I
3. Noticing herself in the mirror – and smiling at herself
4. Playing with her feet ALL the time
5. Sucking her fingers or trying to put her entire hand in her mouth (my brother counted last weekend….she tried to get 7 fingers in her mouth at the same time…it obviously did not work)
6. Laughing out loud (sometimes screaming)….I think she found her voice, and likes to hear it at the loudest octave possible
7.  Sitting in her bumbo and actually enjoying it
8.  She is SO close to sitting by herself unsupported….but as of last night I sat her up against a pillow on the couch, and she looked like the leaning tower of pizza….it was a slow but graceful fall J
9.  It’s become very hard to change her diaper, b/c she’s either playing with her feet, trying to roll over or sucking on one of her fingers
10.  Tummy time isn’t so bad anymore…..she’s really pushing up on her arms now
11. Sleeping longer through the night (last night she slept almost 8 hours straight through)
12.  Really starting to want to stand when you hold her on your lap (not that she can stand…but she really likes to stand)
13.  Loves it when Danny or I sing about boogers to her (or when Danny talks about her STINKY DIAPERS)…and oh YES Danny does sing too J
14.  LOVES bath time
15.  She is slowly starting to wear 3-6 month clothes (she is DEFINITELY wearing 6-9 month onesies)
16.  I ordered her first pair of shoes (3 pairs)….I thought Danny was going to kill me. Don’t worry her Ferrari shoes will fit probably by this winter (then she’ll really be stylin)!
17.  She saw both of her Great Grandma’s in the same week (now she has 3 Great Grandma angels watching over her (plus 3 Great Grandpa angels)….hopefully she’ll be taken care of in the “watched over by angels” department
18.  Loves being outside and watching the creek flow (I think she really loves the sound of the water and the fresh air)
19.  Has really started to notice THE DOGS…….they sniff her head when she’s on the floor, and she tried to grab Katy’s hair the other day….Katy just laid there and took it! Hopefully that’s how they’ll both be when she starts crawling and picking on them
20.  She still loves being swaddled….I’m scared when she won’t be able to fit into her swaddle anymore, because she sleeps SO WELL being swaddled now!
21.  She loves her bed, and as soon as she gets swaddled and laid in her bed at night….she’s OUT (no more crying)
I can’t believe how much love both Danny and I have for her……I never knew how much you could love a little human being as we do her….she is the GREATEST gift God could have ever given to Danny and I – I know think Danny has a soft spot for little girls….or maybe just Harper!
We are very blessed to have such great friends and family in our lives, and we hope you will each be apart of Harper’s lives FOREVER….and watch her grow into an amazing woman someday (not too soon though)!
Next Tuesday Harper will have her 4 month shots…YUCK I hate those. I’ll be taking off the rest of the day to be with her.

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