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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Harper is 3 months old

WOW...I can't believe Harper is 3 months old today....boy has time flown by. Wanted to send you all a few pictures that I took today of Miss Harper! She is getting so big, smiling all the time, starting to talk a lot more (coo I mean :), and is really coming into her personality! Danny plays a game with her where he sticks out his tongue and makes a loud noise, lately she has been trying to mimick him...I haven't caught it on video yet..but hopefully I will's super cute!
Tomorrow we are having Harper's 3 month pictures taken as well as our first family photo, should be interesting because her attention span is all of 10-15 minutes max!!!

Pictures attached.....Harper has recently begun to sit in her bumbo seat...she loves it as you can see by the picture! The second picture is from this was the first time she actually pushed up on her arms while she was on tummy time....I was so excited I screamed.....and Danny was a little worried something bad had happened...but I was just excited!!!

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