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Monday, August 3, 2009

This is DEFINITLEY Danny's child!

Not that I ever doubted that Danny was our child's father, but as funny as it may seem, in the 2nd picture to the left, our "WONDERFUL" child is flipping us off in the picture! The tech went in to measure the top of the baby's lip to make sure there wasn't any issues with a cleft pallet, at first the baby had both hands covering it's face, she shook my stomach a little to try and get the baby to move it's hand, and then suddenly the baby gave us the saying DON'T bother me I'm comfortable!!! Then Danny said, wow "that really is my child!" Let's hope this child will work with us a little more when it enters the real world!! Danny also said the baby is mad at me, because I'm letting it live in a NY studio apartment, and not a NY penthouse......
So after many laughs, the tech did her measurements, and everything checked out normal (no cleft pallet, 4 heart chambers, still 10 fingers and 10 toes). She said everything looked great!!! She even mentioned that even if she wanted to find out if it was a boy/girl, she couldn't because the baby was sitting with it's feet tightly tucked under its bottom with its legs completely shut....we think it knows we don't want to find out!!! Nov 22nd, will definitely be a surprise as the only ultrasound we have left is the 3D/4D in mid September. The heart beat was healthy at 158 BPM as well!!
I'm still feeling great, although the swelling has begun to take over my feet...I traded my 5.5 shoe size for probably a 7 on Friday night (I thought I might have cut my feet off and traded a bear for their feet....atleast that's what they looked and felt like) :)
I'll update more on Friday as I go in for the Gestational diabetes testing on Thursday afternoon...I heard the drink is GREAT....just kidding!
Hope everyone is doing well!!

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